Elliot Page: The actor has received many accolades including a nomination for an Oscar, two BAFTA nominations, and two Emmy nominations. He is also a producer, and has starred in several TV series. Elliot Page is a Canadian native who currently resides in Los Angeles. He has appeared in numerous films and has been nominated for many awards, including a Satellite Award and two BAFTA nominations.

Elliot Page Wiki & Age


Page was born Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page in Halifax, Nova Scotia 21 February 1987. He is 34 years old. This Canadian actor, producer, and director has a number of accolades to his name. These include an Academy Award nomination, two BAFTA nominations, two Emmy nominations, and a Satellite Award.

To date, he has earned more than $50 million from his acting career, which he’s used to make new movies and TV shows.

At present, he is 34 years old and has a net worth of $12 million dollars. As an actor, Elliot Page has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including The Umbrella Academy, “Fight Club,” and “Pit Pony.” He’s also a good friend of Juno co-star Olivia Thirlby.

Elliot Page Husband

The divorce between Jennifer Aniston and Elliot Page was linked to the actor’s coming out as transgender in 2014. But the couple’s relationship didn’t end in that way. Their split had been in the making for several years, and it was announced last summer. But, there’s no reason to believe that the couple’s sexuality played a role in the split. Despite the rumor mill, Elliot is not gay.

According to reports, the couple got married in January 2018 and separated over the summer. However, in 2020, they made their official announcement that they would separate.

The divorce proceedings were filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. Both parties claim that the divorce was a happy one and they were not angry with each other. However, Portner was supportive of Page’s transgender identity and publicly supported him when he first came out. The couple plans to get a divorce before the end of 2020.

Elliot Page Movies

If you are looking for some good Elliot Page movies, you should look no further. This Canadian actor and producer is an impressive talent who has garnered a variety of accolades over the years. He has been nominated for an Oscar, two BAFTA awards, two Emmys, and even a Satellite Award! Check out the list of his most popular films below! You will be glad you did!

The role of Elliot Page is a unique one. His bisexuality has been a source of controversy, as he was the subject of a controversial TV show about a gay man. But that doesn’t stop audiences from loving him as a bisexual. This actor has starred in both comedies and dramas. The first non-dramatic film of his career, Inception, is a strange one.

The film stars Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio, and Elliot plays the dentist’s daughter, Ariadne. The film ends with a dramatic scene, leaving audiences confused and astonished.

Elliot Page Networth

The Net Worth of Elliot Page is estimated to be $12 million. The actor was nominated for his first Academy Award for the role of a transgender man in the movie ‘The Fighter’ in 2012. His career also included roles in X-Men and the Netflix miniseries ‘Tales of the City.’ In addition to his acting career, Page has a successful production company and an empire spanning over twenty years.

As a child, Page was born Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She was assigned the female gender at birth and attended the Shambhala School in 2005. She later attended the Halifax Grammer School and Queen Elizabeth High School and studied at the Vaughan Road Academy’s Interact Program. At the age of 10, she landed her first acting role in the television film “Pit Pony”.

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