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End Of The Road: Review, Plot, Cast, Release Date & Trailer



A new Netflix movie titled End of the Road will be directed by Millicent Shelton and written by David Loughery. The initial draught was written by Christopher Moore.

You may be familiar with Shelton’s work from programmes like Titans, Run the World, 30 Rock, and Insecure. Loughery is renowned for penning the screenplay for the box office sensation The Intruder.

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End Of The Road: Review

End Of The Road

In this suspenseful road trip movie starring Chris Bridges and Queen Latifah, a mother with two kids moves across the nation with her children and brother.

The family witnesses a murder while travelling, which completely disrupts their plans to settle to the southland. The killer will now do whatever to locate them.

End Of The Road: Plot

Brenda, a newly widowed woman, is the main character. Brenda is dismissed from her work and decides to move her family cross-country in order to start a new life.

They are stranded without assistance in the desert of New Mexico while travelling.


But later, they come under the glare of an unknown killer. Then, Brenda and her family must develop their resilience and survival skills.

End Of The Road: Cast

  • Queen Latifah as Brenda
  • Beau Bridges
  • Ludacris as Reggie
  • Jesse Luken as Harvey Ruck
  • Frances Lee McCain as Val
  • Travis Hammer as Skinny
  • Keith Jardine as Mace
  • Tabatha Shaun as Shelby
  • Shaun Dixon as Cam
  • Amie MacKenzie as Lucy
  • Efrain Villa as Pepe Ochoa
  • Mychala Lee as Kelly Freeman
  • Aaron Valentine as Zach

End Of The Road: Release Date

Released on Netflix on September 9, 2022.

End Of The Road: Trailer

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