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Erika Koike : Nicolas Cage Wife Speaks On 4-Day Marriage



Erika koike

Erika koike : Nicolas Cage’s four-day-old estranged wife speaks up.

Nicolas Cage’s former wife of only four days has spoken out about their breakup.

Erika koikeErika Koike was pictured with a new man just two months after her ill-fated Las Vegas wedding to Nicolas Cage, but she says they are not romantically involved.

“He’s just a regular customer who stops by. He isn’t yet my boyfriend “The Daily Mail reported that Koike, 34, was photographed with a muscular man outside of the restaurant where she works.

“I have complete freedom to do whatever I want. We’re not going to reconcile or get back together because Nic did what he did “she continued.

“Nic could have approached me and talked to me privately rather than publicly humiliating me.

I’ve been wronged and mistreated, and it’s unjust, but the matter is closed, and my lawyer won’t allow me talk until everything is finished.”

Cage, 55, allegedly tried to reunite with Koike 12 days after filing for an annulment, but she refused to be with him, according to Koike.

Cage filed for divorce from Koike in March, alleging he was too inebriated to understand what he was doing when he received their marriage certificate.

The Daily Mail received video showing Cage and Koike in the city clerk’s office in Las Vegas, where Cage appears to be complaining “As a boyfriend, she has a drug dealer.

I’m not going to do it.” “I never asked you to,” Koike can be heard telling him.

Cage claimed that Koike did not disclose him of “the whole nature and depth of her relationship with another individual” in his annulment request, citing fraud as the reason for the breakup.

Koike is said to have asked for spousal assistance from the “Con Air” singer, and a legal expert believes she might obtain it.

“The chances of winning an annulment would be greatly boosted if the parties got together and agreed that they wanted one,” family law attorney Steven Mindel previously told Fox News.

“However, because she does not want the annulment, it will be extremely difficult for Nicolas Cage to obtain one without giving her anything she desires in exchange.

And, in most cases, it means Nicolas Cage will have to pay her a large sum of money to accept the annulment.”

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