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False Eyelashes On Cars Yes, This Is Happening



Eyelashes On Cars

Eyelashes On Cars: Long eyelashes on automobile headlights have replaced the fuzzy moustaches on car grilles. Headlights may resemble a car’s eyes, but these false eyelashes take the concept to a new level of femininity.

Dottie Small of Park City, Utah, came up with the idea for CarLashes, which she claims has developed into a wonderful small business with her husband Robert. CarLashes were been sold for $3 million in 92 countries. CarLashes’ apparent success explains why more automobile owners are motivated to customise their vehicles.

False Eyelashes On Cars? Yes, This Is Happening

Eyelashes On Cars

They cost $26.99 a pair and are stuck on with an adhesive that may be removed whenever the wearer has had enough of the scorn — or the lashes have worn out.

The little business claims that they are popular not only on vehicles, but also on golf carts, motorbikes, and pickup trucks.

That is, indeed, an automobile with eyelashes. is where you can get them. And, as this photo shows, people are buying them.

Rather than being astonished, my attitude was more along the lines of: “Of course people put eyelashes on their automobiles.” We’ve gone as far as we can with false, lacquered-up eyelashes on our faces, and given the popularity of reindeer ears for cars around the holidays, this seems like a natural evolution. People are also donning little wigs on their nails. That basically means anything might happen from here on out.

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