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10 Best Things You Didn’t Know About Feitan Hxh (Hunter x Hunter)



Feitan HXh

The Phantom Troupe has a lot of powerful Nen users on its roster, but none of them compare to Feitan, the best boy.

Feitan hxh may not have the same appeal as Hisoka among casual Hunter X Hunter fans, but die-hard fans will never forget the Phantom Troupe’s most edgy member. In the overall plot of Hunter X Hunter, the ninja who hides his sword with an umbrella is mostly underutilised.

10 Best Things You Didn’t Know About Feitan Hxh

Feitan HXh

This list will include ten facts about Feitan that casual viewers of the Hunter X Hunter anime may have missed. Fans will recall Feitan as the Phantom Troupe’s resident best boy if they recall the Phantom Troupe’s other powerful Nen users.

1. During the Chimera Ant Arc, he was the interim leader of the Phantom Troupe.

When the Phantom Troupe is first introduced in the Yorknew City Arc, Feitan is a powerful henchman, but he rapidly matures into an opponent whom fans must respect. Feitan succeeds to become the interim leader of the Troupe during his time with the Chimera Ant Arc by defeating Zazan in single battle.

The Chimera Ants who call themselves Squadron Leaders are no joke, yet despite being rusty, Feitan makes fast work of Zazan.

2. One Of The Phantom Troupe’s Founding Members

The founding storey of the Phantom Troupe will undoubtedly be revealed in the Hunter X Hunter manga in due time. Any fan would want to know where and why each of the members first joined the band.

Fans will have to make do with the troupe’s watchable history and the snippets of backstory sprinkled throughout the text for the time being. The list of initial troupe members is one of these bits. Feitan, along with Chrollo and Uvogin, is one of the seven founders.

3. Trevor Brown is a favourite of his.

Trevor Brown is a Japanese-based English illustrator who definitely influenced the mangaka behind Hunter X Hunter. Feitan can be seen browsing over the pages of Trevor Brown Art books throughout the anime and manga.

Brown’s work, which can be shocking at times, is a good match for Feitan’s gloomy style. This inclusion also reveals something about Feitan’s world. Could the Hunter X Hunter universe be closer than fans thought?

4. Feitan, despite his shady nature, has a good sense of humour.

Because of the way it depicts the fight between the world and the new Chimera Ant species, the Chimera Ant Arc is divisive among fans. Hunter X Hunter’s mangaka appears to have aimed to show readers how the rest of the world would react to the Chimera Ant danger.

The longer arc may be divisive, but it allows fans to spend more time with characters like Feitan who weren’t present in previous arcs. Fans get to glimpse Feitan’s lighter side as the Phantom Troupe takes on Zazan in Meteor City, when he plays around with Shalnark and Phinks.

5. Feitan prefers the Nen Transmutation Type.

Feitan, like Killua and Silva Zoldyck, is drawn to the transmutation Nen type. Feitan, on the other hand, instead of duplicating the strength of lightning, mimics the power of the sun.

The topic of how Feitan learnt about the sun’s power on such a personal level is one for another day, but fans should not overlook the magnitude of Feitan’s might in this strike. The Rising Sun method nearly fried Zazan and the Phantom Troupe all at the same time. The fancy costume Feitan conjured up just before launching his final attack was the only reason he survived.

6. He also knows how to use Emitter and Conjuration Nen types.

Feitan demonstrates skill as a conjurer and emitter when launching his Rising Sun method, in addition to his affinity for the transmutation Nen kind. Feitan is one of the strongest Nen users featured in the Hunter X Hunter canon thus far because of his multidisciplinary skills.

Phinks hints at the numerous permutations of this manoeuvre when Feitan conjures a suit with the words Pain Packer. It’s unclear how far Feitan’s conjuring abilities extend.

7. He is a Meteor City native.

Meteor City is the name of the junkyard wasteland where the Phantom Troupe calls home. The governments who rule over the discovered world do not acknowledge this city, but that does not make it any less legitimate.

Meteor City is where Feitan grew up. His fighting abilities are most likely the result of a background of battling for survival in the lawless metropolis. Despite what must have been a traumatic upbringing, Feitan defended his hometown from annexation when Zazan attempted to declare herself Queen in the Chimera Ant Arc.

8. On the public databases, Feitan is a phantom.

Feitan is not recognised by the nations who govern over the discovered world because he is a citizen of Meteor City. His background is unknown, and his public records reveal nothing.

The fast swordsman seemed to enjoy extolling the power of ignorance over his foes, therefore the fact that he doesn’t appear in public databases suits Feitan. Even a Hunter with access to the Hunter’s internet database couldn’t learn anything about the Phantom Troupe’s most shady member before seeing him in person.

9. His date of birth is also unknown.

During the Yorknew City Arc, Chrollo Lucilfer takes Neon’s fortune-telling Nen ability, and the Phantom Troupe’s leader utilises his new power to prophesy the fate of his Troupe members. Feitan was unable to learn his fate because the procedure required him to write down his date of birth.

It’s never established that Feitan doesn’t know his date of birth; all we know is that he refused to tell Chrollo when he inquired. Why would someone want to keep their birthday a secret from their friends?

10. It’s possible he’s a Zoldyck.

Feitan may be a member of the Zoldyck family, according to one of the most famous Hunter X Hunter fan theories. Like Killua’s mother, the young Nen user hails from Meteor City. He also looks a lot like Killua’s darker-haired siblings.

Furthermore, it is unknown why Kalluto joined the Phantom Troupe if he was planning to track down Killua. While serving as a Spider, he might be hoping to meet a new brother.

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