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The 10 Best Facts About Fix-It Felix, Jr. do not you know



Fix it Felix

Do you think you know everything there is to know about the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ franchise? Discover ten fascinating facts about Fix It Felix, Jr. that you probably didn’t know!

One of the most fascinating aspects of science fiction and fantasy is the creation of worlds within worlds by our favourite stories, and few do it better than Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph.

Ralph, the main character in the animated series, is a video game villain who wants to get out of his rut and literally walks out of his game into others, where he finds adventure.

The 10 Best Facts About Fix-It Felix

Fix it Felix

Fix-It Felix Jr. is the game Ralph is leaving. Despite the fact that Ralph refers to it as his “normal world,” it is anything but. Let’s take a look at the game and all of the unique ways it functions in the same manner the genuine ones do.

1. Paradise was paved over.

Ralph’s function as the game’s villain is rather simple. He’s enraged and wreaks havoc. The main premise is that he climbs brick buildings and smashes them, forcing Fix-It Felix to, well, fix them.

However, the reason for this is a little more complicated. Ralph is enraged because the forest he lives in has been cleared to make way for an apartment development. Felix conquering Ralph and the tenants hurling him off the top into the mud is the goal of the game, which makes you happy? Progress is great!

2. The Mysterious Hammer

Fix-It Felix’s magical, golden hammer comes in handy throughout the game. All Felix has to do is slam it against something Ralph has smashed, and it will instantly heal all of Ralph’s damage.

Not only that, but the hammer is also effective against bodily harm. That’s a good thing, because it’s a thing in this game. Ralph or another busier, Sgt. Calhoun, can inflict bruises and other minor injuries, which Felix can repair.

Felix’s father is reported to have given him the hammer. The hammer floats in mid-air in the game, waiting to be retrieved, evoking a certain home video game.

3. Connections to Kong

Ralph appears to be based on Donkey Kong, another well-known 80s bruiser. Kong climbed a scaffolding-like building in his game and tossed barrels and other objects at Mario, who attempted to reach the top and stop him.

It appears that both 8-bit horrors were just misunderstood. Fix-It Felix Jr.’s core gameplay is very similar to Donkey Kong and its successor – surprise – Donkey Kong Jr.

in terms of characters, stages, and power-ups. Any kind of damsel in distress isn’t there in the game. Mario must face an increasingly difficult set of obstacles in Donkey Kong to reach Pauline, who has been kidnapped by Kong. Felix’s main concerns are preventing Ralph and lowering Niceland’s insurance prices.

4. Niceland

The game is set in the fictional city of Niceland, which is now experiencing a period of prosperity. New apartment buildings are springing up all over, and something has to give, thus the forests must go.

The apartment complex Ralph objects to looks to be the sole residence in town, at least in the game (the movie includes some changes), and all of the game’s characters live there.

Except for Ralph, who, after losing his house in the forest, now lives in a decrepit section of town known as The Dump. Because Niceland is a single apartment building, Felix has an extra incentive to keep it in functioning shape, thus it’s a good thing he has that hammer.

5. 120501

A fantastic easter egg in the video game has to do with Walt Disney himself. Fix-It Felix Jr.’s high score in the film Wreck-It Ralph is 120501, a clever reference to Walt Disney’s birthday, December 5, 1901.

The film was released in 2012 by Walt Disney Pictures as part of a resurrection of their main animated line after years of focusing on Pixar as their major and most successful animated endeavour. The film was so successful that a sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet, was released in 2018.

6. Calhoun, Sgt.

Felix has a thing for Sgt. Calhoun, which is a bit of a trick because she’s from a different game entirely. We’ll get to that in just a minute. Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun is “one fierce space marine,” as the game puts it, “dedicated to eradicating the nasty Cy-Bug invaders of Earth.”

It’s a personal matter this time. Calhoun was betrothed to a doctor, but on the day of their wedding, a Cy-Bug entered the chapel and devoured him. It happens all the time. Calhoun’s failure to do a perimeter sweep prior to the celebrations has enraged her and cut her off from all connections until she meets Felix.

7. The Duty of a Hero

The concept of Hero’s Duty is a little more current than Fix-It Felix Jr. It is a first-person shooter game that may be found with Felix in Litwik’s Arcade, which we will discuss later.

Ralph abandons his game in frustration, determined to show that he is more than a nasty guy, and joins the fight against the Cy-Bugs. He pulls out his light gun and blasts the bad men away. There are a lot of bad guys.

The game is reminiscent of several other first-person shooters, such as Call of Duty and Metroid. Calhoun’s armour and helmet are reminiscent of Samus Aran from the Metroid video game franchise.

8. Litwak’s Arcade is a place where you can play arcade games.

Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade is the coolest notion in the Wreck-It Ralph universe. By day, it’s just another arcade, but at night, it hides a great secret: all of the video game characters emerge.

In a way, yes. They dwell in the cabinets of their own games and escape through power cables into Game Central Station, a power strip they call home. Game Central resembles an electronic version of Grand Central Station, and it is here that the characters congregate or, in Ralph’s case, are ostracised.

Ralph’s encounters with characters from other games – Frogger, Dig Dug, Tapper, and Burger Time, to name a few – motivate him to show to himself and others that he’s more than just the bully his game portrays.

9. Q*Bert

The video games in the arcade aren’t all working. Some of them are outdated and have been disconnected, leaving their respective personalities homeless. Q*bert, a video game eccentric from the 1980s, met his demise in this way. He now hangs out in Game Central Station with the other characters from his dormant cabinet.

When Ralph trips over Q*bert on his way into Hero’s Duty, his luck does not improve. By informing Felix of what’s going on, Q*bert transforms this into an opportunity. As part of Fix-it Felix Jr., Q*bert and his companions earn a new house in Niceland by assisting Felix in tracking Ralph from game to game.

10. Von Schweetz, Vanellope

Sugar Rush’s Vanellope is a character from another game. King Candy forbids her from racing since she is a ‘glitch,’ but she, like Ralph, isn’t willing to let that stop her. She steals his Hero’s Duty medal, which he was supposed to use to prove to the Nicelanders what a nice guy he is, so she can re-enter the race.

Ralph eventually teams up with her to reclaim the medal and win the race. King Candy tempts Ralph with what he really wants, acceptance, and breaks Vanellope’s heart in the process.

Then he understands the truth: she is one of the game’s primary characters. He assists her in winning the race by reviving her and revealing her true identity as a princess, as well as deposing the counterfeit King Candy. It’s a little like Game of Thrones, except with sugar.

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