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Florida Mom Gets Standing Ovation !!



Florida Mom

Florida Mom: Gets Standing Ovation Video In her recent speech, Florida mom Quisha King called for a “mass exodus” of black kids from public schools.

While a controversial subject, her message garnered a standing ovation from the Virginia crowd. Quisha is a critic of Critical Race Theory in education and owns King Consulting Co.

She studied at Saint Leo University and currently runs the company. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in business.

Quisha King calls for a “mass exodus” from public schools

Florida Mom

Florida mom Quisha King is calling for a “mass exodus from public schools” to prevent their children from being indoctrinated with CRT.

She spoke at the annual Pray Vote Stand Summit hosted by the Family Research Council. She admitted that she is “obsessed with race.”

But the conditions at the school were just the tip of the iceberg. The “mass exodus” is the only way to stop CRT indoctrination.

In June, Quisha King, the co-chair of the Northeast Florida Moms for Liberty chapter, called for a “mass exodus of public school kids.”

Her call for such a mass exodus drew a standing ovation from the crowd. King is an outspoken critic of Critical Race Theory in education and runs the King Consulting Co.

At the same time, King argued that public school officials have left parents no choice but to send their children to private schools.

She spoke at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit, where she participated in a panel discussing how to fight left-wing ideas in public schools. Her palatial private jet is a Boeing 767.

It has two staterooms, a home-cinema, and a DJ station.

Florida mom gets standing ovation

When a Florida mom called for the mass exodus of her children from public schools, the crowd erupted into a raucous standing ovation.

She spoke against Critical Race Theory, a controversial educational philosophy that teaches students that blacks are all victims and whites are all offenders.

That view, she explained, runs counter to historical facts. The Florida mom’s efforts earned her a standing ovation from the crowd, and she has since been invited to speak at a Family Research Council conference.

The Florida mom’s video has gone viral, and it’s catching attention online. Quisha King is a mom from Orlando, Florida.

who spoke at a Family Research Council event in June. Her comments against Critical Race Theory caused national headlines and drew national attention.

Her comments are being widely circulated online, and the audience responded by standing ovations. In fact, her video was the most-viewed piece in the day.

Rick Santorum also gets standing ovation

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum visited a Tea Party Florida convention Sunday. It was the final day of the convention, and over 300 conservative voters turned out to hear him speak.

He spoke alongside Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachmann, three of the most popular conservative voices in the country.

But one of the most memorable moments of the evening was when Santorum got a standing ovation.

Santorum’s speech focused on helping the “little guy,” which is a big part of the Republican Party’s platform.

He supports the rights of unions, and has said this in the past. He also believes in open borders and keeping labour costs low.

This is an important issue for the middle class, and one that has enraged many in the middle class. However, there are some issues that he fails to address in his speech, and he tries to play down his positions.

During his speech, Santorum slammed Parkland shooting survivors and their March for Our Lives campaign for their insistence on gun reform.

He mocked their efforts by suggesting that they take CPR classes to deal with violent shooters. Santorum also claimed that Hollywood elites and liberal billionaires were backing the group’s cause.

But while the audience applauded Santorum’s remarks, many conservatives criticized them.

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