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Forced Daughter : A Mother in North Carolina Punish Her Daughter to Stand for Three Days



forced mother

Forced daughter : According to fresh search warrants, a North Carolina mother allegedly forced her 4-year-old daughter to remain in a laundry room for three days as a punishment before her death last year.

Authorities claim a mother in North Carolina forced her daughter to stand for three days in a row

forced motherAccording to FOX 46 in Charlotte, Majelic Young, 4, died last year, but her body wasn’t discovered until late May, when investigators uncovered the little girl’s body in her own garden in north Charlotte.

Before her body was discovered, the girl had not been seen since late summer of last year; her mother, Malikah Bennett, 31, has been charged with her alleged murder and child abuse.

Bennett allegedly wouldn’t let her daughter sit down or take breaks in the laundry room last August, causing her to defecate in her pants after the first day and become so weak by the third that she fell backward out the door and banged her head, according to WBTV and WSOC-TV in Charlotte.


According to the sister, her brother perished on the third day. According to WSOC, after Bennett failed to revive the kid, the mother covered the girl’s body in two plastic bags and stashed her in the trunk of her SUV without informing authorities.

Bennett allegedly buried the girl in a shallow grave in her backyard after the smell of the corpse grew intolerable.

Bennett allegedly compelled the 13-year-old sister to assist in the burial of her younger sister, according to WSOC.

According to FOX 46, the girls’ aunt, Sabrina Baker, said last month, “It’s a hardship every day, but we continue to pray and have hope.”

Bennett appeared emotionless in court last month, according to Young’s aunt, Kendra Wade of FOX 46.

“She doesn’t give a damn,” she explained.

Bennett allegedly told people that her daughter was visiting another family member or some other falsehood about why she hadn’t been seen before her body was discovered, according to FOX 46.

Tammy Moffett, the girl’s grandmother, was also charged with concealing a death and being an accessory after the fact, according to WBTV.

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