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The 10 Best Things You Need To Know About The Founding Titan



Founding Titan

Founding Titan: Despite the importance of the Founding Titan and its descendants to the tale, fans may require a reminder of the titan’s past deeds.

In Attack On Titan, there are many great Titans, but none are nearly as powerful as the Founding Titan. It has been utilised by the Fritz family for ages and is featured prominently in the manga series. Despite the importance of the Founding Titan and its descendants to the tale, fans may require a reminder of the titan’s past deeds.

10 best things you need to know about the founding titan attack on titan

Founding Titan

Here are the most crucial facts readers should know about the franchise’s most powerful creature, from the series’ backstory to the various ways the Founding Titan inheritors have wielded their abilities over the years.

1. His Capabilities Are Among The Most Potent

Each of the Nine Titans has their own special abilities, but the Founding Titan has the best. Ymir Fritz, the first Titan shifter, can be used by inheritors to produce and govern as many Titans as they want. They may also command the Eldians, causing them to change their bodies and minds.

Because of the Founding Titan’s power, many characters in the storey, particularly members of the Fritz family, have wished to own it in order to achieve their aims.

2. Karl Fritz had complete control over his people’s memories, causing them to forget their past.

Karl Fritz was a descendent of Ymir. After putting an end to The Great Titan War, he wanted to bring as many Eldians as he could to Paradis in the hopes of bringing peace to the globe. He used Colossal Titans to encircle the Eldians who had joined him, transforming them into three massive walls.

He then took control of his people’s memory, causing them to forget their history and believe that the Titans had slain the rest of humanity.

3. Uri Reiss put an end to the Ackerman Clan’s murders.

Each generation of the Fritz family, renamed the Reiss family in Paradis, received the Founding Titan. Uri Reiss would eventually receive it. Karl’s ideals, on the other hand, arrived with his newfound powers. Uri was possessed by his ancestor and was unable to alter the universe as he desired.

He did, however, put a halt to the Ackerman Clan’s murders. The Ackermans were a family that defied the Founding Titan’s authority and knew the world’s true history. The royal family persecuted them out of fear. Uri became close friends with Kenny Ackerman after creating peace between the two bloodlines. Kenny planned to obtain the Founding Titan when Uri died.

4. The Majority Of The Royal Family Was Killed By Grisha’s Attack Titan.

Instead of being passed down to Kenny, Uri’s niece, Frieda acquired his Titan. Karl had possessed her, just as he had her uncle. Meanwhile, Grisha Yeager, an Eldian from Marley, slipped into Paradis. Grisha found Frieda and asked her to use her skills when the Colossal and Armored Titans broke into their country.

When she didn’t, he deployed his Attack Titan to assassinate the majority of the royal family, gaining control of the Founding Titan. He had his son, Eren, devour him because he knew he was going to die after using the Attack Titan for nearly thirteen years.

5. Dina Fritz was the Titan who devoured Eren’s mother.

That day, Eren’s father wasn’t the only one who died. In front of him, his mother was devoured by a Titan. Years later, he tracked down this Titan and punched her in the face. He, like the rest of the Survey Corps, was taken aback when all of the other Titans around them ate his mother’s murderer.

It would take months for him to discover that he could only use the Founding Titan’s skills when he was in contact with a member of the Fritz family, as he had no idea he had inherited it. Dina Fritz, Grisha’s first wife and Frieda’s distant aunt, was the titan who devoured his mother.

6. Historia contemplated devouring Eren and resurrecting the Founding Titan.

Eren met a girl named Krista after he entered the military. She was obliged to keep everything she did know a secret because she didn’t know much about her life. Frieda’s sister, Historia Reiss, turned out to be her. She considered devouring Eren and returning the Founding Titan after knowing who her family was and what Grisha had done to them. She did, however, assassinate her father and ascend to the throne of Paradis.

Eren kept his discovery of how he could manipulate the Founding Titan a secret from everyone because he was afraid of what they would do to Historia, the last member of the Fritz family to live in Paradis.

7. The World’s Most Influential Brothers

Before leaving to Paradis, Grisha had a son with Dina. For the bulk of their lives, Zeke and Eren were completely unaware of each other. They were on opposing sides of a conflict when they first met.

However, as the years passed, Zeke and Eren realised that they would have to work together to achieve their objectives. They attracted a large following, with many believing the Yeagers to be the Eldians’ last hope.

8. Eren persuaded his father to assassinate the royal family.

Eren and Zeke had completely opposing viewpoints on how to save the planet. Eren desired the liberation of the Eldians and was willing to kill anyone who stood in his path. Zeke believed that the Eldians’ suffering would be alleviated only if they were never born, and he planned to utilise the Founding Titan to prevent them from having children.

They went over Grisha’s recollections in an attempt to persuade Eren to agree with him. When Grisha confronted Frieda, he saw this future version of Eren. Eren persuaded his father to kill the royal family because he wasn’t willing to do so himself, causing all of the events that occurred to him to be the outcome of an action he didn’t even do at the time.

9. Eren used Karl’s Colossal Titans to murder tens of thousands of people.

Eren was able to achieve his goal since he was in charge of the Founding Titan rather than Zeke. He slaughtered tens of thousands of people with Karl’s Colossal Titans.

Everyone in the globe realised that continuing to fight each other over events that occurred before they were born was wrong. Eren, on the other hand, was unconcerned. He wouldn’t stop until he was either slain or felt at peace.

10. In an attempt to stop Eren, they all came together.

Eren was a soldier in Paradis’ Survey Corps and Zeke was a warrior in Marley’s Warrior Unit for the most of the series. The two parties clashed frequently, but eventually came together in an attempt to stop Eren.

His friends and foes pursued him as he made his way to Marley, attempting to stop him. Readers are eager to learn how the conflict will conclude.

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