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Frog Butt Following Image Contains



Frog Butt

Frog Butt: The following image contains nudity in a cartoon (and a frog). You’ve been given fair warning.

True or False

This snapshot of a common rain frog is real. However…

What is untrue?

A snapshot of a frog’s cloaca would be a more realistic description of this image.


Is it true that no one has ever died as a result of Omicron Variant Frog Butt?

Frog Butt

Former President Bill Clinton is said to be the father of a 16-year-old girl.

Snopes Reflects on a Busy Year and Prepares for the Upcoming Trial

Origin | Frog Butt

An photograph purporting to show a frog’s “buttcheeks” sparked a commotion on social media in May 2021, with internet users making numerous jokes about the frog’s allegedly distinctive physical form. Many people compared this amphibian’s backside to Hank Hill, a cartoon character from “King of the Hill” noted for his lack of a derriere.

A true photograph of a frog’s “buttcheeks” can be found on the left. However, it should be noted that “buttcheeks” is not often featured on frog anatomical diagrams. This image is more appropriately characterised as a photograph of a frog’s cloaca, which is described as the “general receptacle for the intestine, reproductive system, and urine system” by Penn State’s frog dissection biology course. It has an anus that leads to the outside.”

This photo was shared by Instagram user @marron.chestnut777, who appears to have a sizable aquarium. Hundreds of photographs of fish, lizards, and frogs can be seen on their page (written in Japanese). On May 11, this photo was posted with hashtags identifying this amphibian as a common rain frog. The original post may be found here:

A number of Instagram users weighed in on this frog’s butt. @marron.chestnut777 reciprocated, adding that they had captured a unique viewpoint of this rain frog and that the amphibian had a “” or peach butt.

Although we aren’t certain, it appears that this frog’s name is “Marron.” This Instagram user recognised the frog as Marron in another video that appears to show the same frog:

This isn’t the first time a rain frog has become a social media sensation. In a viral video that received over 22 million views in 2013, a desert rain frog was called the world’s cutest frog. Here’s a BBC video of the tiny, irritable, and squeaky desert rain frog

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