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Gasolinera cerca de mi: How to find the close Gas Stations to your locations



Gasolinera cerca de mi

Gasolinera cerca de mi: We are going to explain how to find the closest gas station to your location, and we are going to do it using Google Maps. In the application store of your mobile you can find all kinds of specific applications for this function, but taking into account that Google Maps is already installed in most of them, we are going to focus on it instead of making you download other apps and expose yourself to them. collect the movements you make.

Google has been implementing searches and detours to gas stations in your map application for a few years now, and finding the closest ones is as easy as doing a precise search and organizing the results by distance.

Nearby gas stations with Google Maps | gasolinera cerca de mi

Gasolinera cerca de mi

Google Maps incorporates the list of gas stations directly into its database, so to find them it is enough to do a generic search. To do this, open the application and click on the search bar at the top.

As for the terms that you have to write, you do not need anything intricate, since it works with the generic “Gas stations”, which on the other hand is the one that Google itself recommends. Therefore, type the word Gas Stations in the Maps search engine. If you want to search for a specific one or a franchise instead of all in general, you can also add a name later, but it is recommended simply gas stations.

After searching for the term Gas Stations, Google Maps will show you all those that are near your location, and a list will appear below so that you can enter the profiles of each one or directly establish a route to go or call. However, this list will be ordered by relevance, so to see the closest ones you must click on the Sort by option that appears at the top below the term you have searched for.

When you click on Sort by, a window will appear at the bottom of the screen. In it, you will see that the Relevance option is selected, and what you have to do is click on the Distance option that appears as a button next to it in that lower window.

And once you click on the option to sort them by distance, a list of gas stations will appear in which you will first see those that are closest to your current location, as you go down you will see the distant ones. In addition, on the map above you will see a visualization of all of them so that you get an idea of ​​where they fall.

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