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The Stronge Case Of Gege Akutami Real Name Of Jujutsu Kaisen Mangaka



Gege Akutami

Gege Akutami: Nobody knows the real name of Jujutsu Kaisen mangaka Gege Akutami, and they’d want to keep it that way.

Art has a tendency to cast its creators into the background. It’s a rule that applies to a variety of entertainment sectors, including manga. Some mangaka may have cult followings among their readers, but the great majority of those who connect with their work will never meet the person behind the storey — which appears to suit Jujutsu Kaisen’s mangaka Gege Akutami just fine.

Surprisingly little is known about Akutami, even for a mangaka. For begin, “Gege Akutami” is only a pen name, not their true identity. Jujutsu Kaisen and numerous more Shonen Jump one-shots, such as Kamishiro Sousa and Nikai Bongai Barabarujura, are among Akutami’s manga credits, however neither is available in English.

The Stronge Case Of Gege Akutami Real Name

Gege Akutami

He/him pronouns are commonly used to refer to Akutami, however their gender has never been proven. Their author notes are normally accompanied by a one-eyed cat avatar at the end of each Jujutsu Kaisen chapter, but there’s more to it than that.

Akutami sketched a self-portrait sans cat mask in a 2015 profile for another of their one-shot manga, No. 9, leading many to conclude that the mangaka is a woman. The strong female cast of Jujutsu Kaisen has further fueled this rumour, as developing well-rounded female characters is a difficult challenge for male mangaka.

Akutami also doesn’t provide us any insight into their personal lives. While their author notes are consistent and polite, no personal information is revealed. Instead, Akutami uses them to clarify potentially ambiguous aspects of the chapter, share amusing anecdotes about their writing process, and even poke fun at some of the characters they’ve created — but there’s never any information that would help someone trying to piece together a solid profile of the mysterious mangaka.

Akutami appears to be obsessed with the concept of anonymity. Even when appearing on national television, they managed to keep their identities hidden. When Jujutsu Kaisen won the top prize at the Mando Kobayashi manga variety show, Akutami dressed up in full cosplay for the subsequent interview. They’d disguised up as Mechamaru, a fan favourite figure, completely concealing their face and all indications of skin. Akutami doesn’t want to be noticed at all.

In the end, not knowing Gege Akutami’s true identity makes little difference. Their work on Jujutsu Kaisen improves with each chapter, and if they want to maintain their secrecy, fans will have to appreciate that, no matter how inquisitive they are.

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