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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Black Clover



Gray Black Clover

 Gray Black Clover was a fascinating character in Black Clover, but some fans may not be aware of these details about her.

Grey is a startling figure in the Black Clover universe, where talking about her without giving too much away might be difficult, especially as she appears in disguise for an extended period. Even the fact that she was a girl was set up as a story twist in and of itself.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Black Clover Anime Stories

Gray Black Clover

Some facets of her personality are pretty known, while others are shocking. She also demonstrates the importance of never judging someone based on their appearance in more ways than one.

1. The Anime teased her True Form

Grey appears in the appearance of a tall, heavyset guy with black hair who towers typically above the other characters when the audience first meets her. Her spherical earrings are one of her most distinguishing traits in this form. In this state, much of her looks are darkened and hidden. Except for occasional wheezing, she doesn’t say much when in this condition.

Her proper form is eventually revealed to be that of a young woman with light-blue hair and strands in a heart shape. In the 11th episode of the Anime, Asta may be seen dashing while in Kikka, hinting at her proper form. She is seen blushing and covering herself, implying that she is self-conscious about her natural appearance.

2. Her Backstory Should Be Recognizable

Like many other Black Clover characters, Grey is based on a traditional fairy tale figure, and Grey is Cinderella herself. When her backstory is disclosed, it is discovered that she was treated as a servant by her stepmother and stepsisters.

Despite their abuse, Grey never gave up hope that she could repair her relationship with her family. Grey eventually employed magic to make her look more like her stepsisters. Unfortunately, this alarmed them both, and they chased her out of the house.

3. Her Real Name Isn’t Grey

When Grey’s stepsisters saw her covered in soot, they gave her this humiliating nickname, just like Cinderella. The name is probably likely referring to Cinderella’s nickname “Grey Girl” in certain languages, such as Chinese.

Even though it is not her real name, it is her alias throughout the series and the moniker by which characters refer to her. Ironically, she has grey eyes, which the characters would suppose is the source of her name.

4. Her Transformation Powers Are Not Like Anyone Else’s

Transformation magic in the Black Clover universe is essentially the capacity to change the user into someone else. This magic is potent, capable of altering a person’s age, body type, and biological sex. When a spell is undone, it can also be undone in various ways.

While Grey has demonstrated that she can change her appearance in the same way that other transformation magic users do, she has also shown that she can extend this power by converting objects other than herself, such as spells.

This is uncommon, as other transformation magic users tend to be limited to using their magic on their appearance, implying that Grey’s magic is unique.

5. She Has A Personality But Is Probably Content To Settle

According to supplemental information, Grey prefers someone soft and caring when seeking attributes in a companion. She’s also a bit of a follower because she’s looking for someone to guide her.

This seemed paradoxical at first, given that she is in love with Gauche, who can be nasty, reckless, and brutal. On the other hand, Grey has seen a better side of Gauche since he saved her from robbers and encouraged her to move forward after being ejected from her house. Maybe she sees the good in him.

6. She’s Much Older Than She Appears

When her metamorphosis was initially undone, and the characters first saw her transformation, it was swiftly apparent that, despite her youthful and even infantile appearance, she is actually 24 years old.

Charmy is taken aback by this, since it implies that Grey is older than her and Gauche, who she is startled to hear is her age.

7. She has the ability to heal.

Grey is able to heal Gauche after Dante’s sword pierces him by manipulating the blade. Her ability to reassemble his own tissue was demonstrated.

This is another more indication that Grey’s abilities go beyond transformational magic, as even Own stated that Grey’s actions appeared to be more than a conventional recuperation.

8. She has complete control over all elements.

Grey’s magical skills have been proved to be powerful enough to heal individuals and transform them, as previously stated. Grey has also demonstrated the ability to turn any elemental attack into any element she desires, effectively giving her control over all magical elements.

Although her abilities were previously thought to be an extension of transformation magic, it is unclear what type of magic she seems to control. Her particular talents, however, designate her as an Arcane Stage wizard.

9. She’s currently on a winning streak.

Grey demonstrates that judging people based on their appearances is incorrect, and not just because she occasionally disguises herself as other people. Even though she is modest and quiet, and is typically a nice person, she should not be underestimated.

Grey has been in a few fights throughout the series, and while she has never battled alone, she has never been on the losing side. She won two battles with Gauche against Zarick and Zuta, and she also helped Gauche win a battle against Drowa and Eclat. The only time she lost a fight was when she was fighting Rades Spirito, and Sally was interrupted.

10. Fans of the series and an idol group adore her.

According to Snow Man, Grey is one of their favorite characters in Weekly Shonen Jump, the idol group that performed several of the Black Clover anime’s theme songs, such as “Stories” and “Grandeur.”

Grey has also been shown to be popular in popularity polls. She was ranked #5 in the first Viz poll, behind Yami Sukehiro, Asta, Noelle Silva, and Yuno.

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