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The “new king of late night,” Greg Gutfeld, Astounded Bill Maher



Greg Gutfeld is the new king of late night, according to a recent Newsweek headline that read, “Greg Gutfeld is King of Late Night as His Fox News Show Beats Colbert, Kimmel, and Fallon,” which Maher used to introduce the panel discussion on his show on Friday night.

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Greg Gutfeld



Maher reportedly told the group, “Fox News found a nice idea. Liberals may be made fun of, and they do so with tremendous success. The liberal comic explained his theory on why there hasn’t been “conservative comedy” before.

Why isn’t there a conservative comedy? is a question I’ve heard a lot over the years. And I would always respond—what I believe to be the correct response—”There’s not good fodder for it,” Maher said.

You know, liberals aren’t completely insane. This was my response for a very long time. I don’t think the situation is the same one now,” he said. I keep telling the lefties to stop talking if it sounds like a headline from The Onion.

And for that reason—for this reason—conservative humor has a chance. Because it makes for a funny Onion headline when Abraham Lincoln statues are demolished in the Land of Lincoln.


You know, the Onion’s headline, ‘Three-year-olds determine their own gender,’ is true. You know, a lot of the left-wing propaganda currently being circulated refers to Seattle voting to legalize crime.

The issue presently is that they lack comic skills, but if they could find someone who did, they could… Comedy follows the hilarious, after all. And now there is humor on both the left and the right.

Gutfeld!” has been described by liberal journalist Katty Kay to a “Trump rally” that is “written more simply.The conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition chairman Ralph Reed lamented how the liberal late-night shows had devolved into “typical” “Democratic talking points.

The camera is a rather invasive tool. Nowhere is safe to hide. Reed remarked to Maher, “You either have the talent or you don’t. I also know Greg. He’s a hoot. He is wise. He is swift.


It works, especially when you pair him with an ensemble like they have, where he can play off other people. Kay criticized Gutfeld’s show for being “very predictable,” but Maher disagreed. Regarding the other shows, I could make the same statement. Certainly,” he replied.

It is the only accurate viewpoint that exists. Maher criticized the viewers of the other late-night shows, saying, “If you don’t have the one true opinion, don’t go in front of the audience that comes because they don’t like it.

And rather than laughing, people are more likely to applaud for the viewpoint they already hold. That’s what changed, too.

When did everything start to revolve around politics, questioned Reed. He said that seasoned comedians like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno “dinged both sides” and were “equal opportunity tormentors,” with which Maher agreed.


You didn’t even know who Johnny voted for, according to Maher. “They absolutely did politics in the monologue, but they did a middle-of-the-road,” he added. “Everything turned political…. It became more crucial to support your squad than to genuinely laugh.

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