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Harry Styles Dunkirk Was Movies Acting, And [Army Soldier]



Harry Styles Dunkirk

Harry Styles Dunkirk: So, we already know Dunkirk is good – Rotten Tomatoes gives Christopher Nolan’s new war epic a 94 percent approval rating.

Fans of One Direction should breathe a sigh of relief after the 23-year-old former star pulled off one of the most challenging accomplishments in show business: receiving critical appreciation for his acting debut (which left him frozen on the beach IRL). Let’s have a look at what the critics had to say about it.

 Harry Styles Dunkirk is a Army Soldier

Harry Styles Dunkirk

Critic Brian Truitt praises Harry 12-star review of the “intense and excellently produced thriller.” “One Direction’s Styles, who made his acting debut here,” he adds, “shows a surprising amount of grit and pathos.”


Newcomer Fionn Whitehead has more screen time than any of Dunkirk’s sparsely deployed stars as an Army soldier desperate to flee the beach,” writes critic Chris Klimek. “These include boy-band veteran Harry Styles as another terrified soldier; when I say he doesn’t stand out in part except for being a little more attractive than everyone else, I mean it as praise.

The Stone Is Rolling

Fionn Whitehead, a newcomer, impresses as Tommy, the movie’s universal soldier and the embodiment of all the raw recruits trapped on the beach,” writes critic Peter Travers. “He enlists the help of two other troops, Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) and Alex (Harry Styles, who plays a minor role with subtle grace and no pop-star showboating).

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Despite excellent performances from Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy, critic Chris Nashawaty observed, “This isn’t a picture with a lot of huge, dramatic, thought-provoking moments… It’s a full-body sensory experience that engulfs you and plunges you headfirst into the fog of war.” “For One Direction fans who are wondering, Harry Styles is also solid, perfectly fitting into the group,” he continued.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Lindsey Bahr of the Associated Press hailed Nolan’s newest film a “stone-cold masterpiece.” And what about Harry? “While there are no character arcs to speak of, performances (including pop star Harry Styles, who might just have another viable career choice) are first-rate nonetheless,” she says.

The Telegraph is a British newspaper that publishes

Dunkirk is every inch a British film,” enthused UK critic Robbie Collin, “with no obvious concessions to the international market.

“There isn’t, for example, the commercially advantageous presence of an American face among the actors – though Harry Styles, once of the boy band One Direction, gives a brilliant, convicted, and unexpectedly not-at-all-jarring performance as one of the young troops on the beach.

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