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Hiroshi Abe: Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, TV & Movies Shows



Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abe is a Japanese model and actor. He is known for his roles in Still Walking, Chocolate, and Godzilla 2000: Millennium. If you want to know more about him read this article.

Hiroshi Abe Bio & Age

Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abe, the Actor from Japan. He is 58 years old. older. His birth date was June 22, 1964. His birth name was Hiroshi Abe. He is famously referred to as None and is from Japan. His size and height are also well-known.


In recent times, Hiroshi Abe has been getting noticed on social media. In in addition to accomplishments in the field He is actively involved with his social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twiter.

Abe is a native of Yokohama, Japan. He went to Chuo University in Tokyo, where the course was electrical engineering. While at university when he was an models for various magazines.

Then, he moved on to acting and has many memorable television appearances in his resume. Although he’s been a prominent actor for a long period but he’s perhaps best recognized for his work as a presenter on television.


Hiroshi Abe Height

Hiroshi Abe was born on 22 June, 1964 in Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, is a Japanese model and actor. At 56 years old, Hiroshi Abe height is 6 ft 2 in (189.0 cm).

He started his modeling career before opting to go into acting. His success on television has earned him the status of among the top popular media personalities in Japan. Abe was a graduate of Chuo University in 1988.

The Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe was born the 22nd of June 1964. The name he was born under is Hiroshi Abe, however, is also known by the name None. He’s 58 which is a lot of years younger for an actor.


He is 6 feet and two and a half inches (1.89 meters). His eyes are dark. The man is also not sure regarding his height. This data can aid in determining his height as well as other physical characteristics.

Hiroshi Abe Wife

Despite his age, Hiroshi Abe remains a famous star in Japan. He was in 2008 when he was married to a model with a white collar name Aya. The couple was married since 2005. Prior to that, their relationship was extremely public however, that was changed after 2012.

Abe has been sentenced for 14 months prison, with a three-year suspension, for using ecstasy while at home in September in the beginning of. The news of his engagement has sparked anger and speculation.


His wife is 15 years older than him. Although Japan doesn’t officially recognize the marriage of same sex however, it allows heterosexual couples to have romance.

The couple met in the hotel where they fell in love and announced their wedding via TV Asahi. They are still married and live in Tokyo. The couple has two sons and a daughter. Their union is a major affair in Japan which is a country where gay marriages are not legal.

Hiroshi Abe TV and Movies Shows

Japanese actress and model Hiroshi Abe is famous for his role on Godzilla 2000: Millennium, Chocolate as well as Still Walking. His diverse resume includes appearances in films like Chocolate as well as Still Walking.


Abe is also known for a wide range of TV appearances and a role as a child actress in an British animated series. If you’re in search of a good movie to watch with the family, then go to his films!

Hiroshi Abe started his acting career in his college years. He was awarded the Shueisha 3rd Nonno Boyfriend Award in 1985, and then was exclusively featured in the Men’s Nonno magazines.

His acting career started in the final year of his college, when he landed his most prominent role in the 1989 film “Haikara-san ga Toru.


He also played his debut lead role in a TV dramacalled “Kin Jiro, Professional Golf Department,” which was starring Shima Inoue.

Hiroshi Abe Net Worth

The net value of Hiroshi Abe isn’t easy to determine, since the career he has had is very prosperous. Born in 1964 in 1964, the Japanese actress and model started his modeling career and soon shifted into acting.

He has had huge success and is now one of Japan’s most viewed media stars. His home town is Kanagawa. The estimated net worth of his estate is to be $5.5 million. Below are a few of his biggest assets:


Alongside his acting profession, Hiroshi Abe is also well-known as a social media influencer. He has a huge audience across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twiter. You can also view his video clips on YouTube.

Hiroshi Abe’s net worth is difficult to determine however he’s living. Even at 58 his net worth is expected to be $16 million in 2021.

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