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How to write a job-winning resume – A simple guide



If you want to win your dream-job, all you have to do is generate the best resume. A resume is an important document that showcases all your personal and professional skills ideally in one page. Summing up your personality on one page is actually what a resume is all about. Now, if you want the hiring managers to call you up for an interview, you need to make sure that your resume is interesting enough. Creating a powerful resume is not an easy job; it never was! But today, newbie applicants have gotten a lot of help in creating resumes with the help of an online resume builder. But before using the resume maker, you must know the actual process and some expert tips that can help you write a job-winning resume.

Tips that would help you create a job-winning resume!

Here in this section, we have collected some expert tips and suggestions that can help you generate the best resume in no time at all. This step by simple step guide is surely going to assist you in making a powerful CV.

Choose the right resume format

The first step in modern-day resume designing and writing is to select the best format for your application. There are different kinds of resume formats. The most commonly used ones are chronological, functional, and hybrid formats. In chronological format, the resume would showcase your work experience. The functional resume format is for a fresher who has some skills. Lastly, the hybrid resume format includes both work experience and skills. A resume builder would provide you with dozens of different resume templates. You can pick the most suitable one for you.

Write your name and contact information on the top

After selecting the right resume format, you have to start by filling the information in it. The first thing that you need to add to your resume is your name and your contact information. This section should be highlighted so that the recruiter can get a brief introduction about you. You have to write down your name, phone number, location, professional email address, and LinkedIn profile info in this section. All of this information helps the recruiter contact you for a job interview.

Go for a strong headline in the resume

A resume headline is very much important when it comes to winning your favorite job post. The headline should be concise and clear and should describe who you are and what your goals are as a candidate. Here you should know that the resume headline should only be in one line. Stuffing unnecessary information is only going to piss off the recruiter.

Add a professional summary statement

A resume summary statement is very important if you want to get your desired job. One should know that a resume statement is a short passage or a brief section of bullet points that describe your professional skills and work experience. In the summary statement, you have to summarize all the elements that show that you are the best candidate.

Showcase your work experience

Like it or not, you have tons of chances of getting the job if you have relevant experience in the job post. This is why you must show your work experience in the resume. Every employer would focus on this section as it helps them understand what kind of value you brought to the previous companies you were working in. You must add the name of the company, job location, your job title, and the start and end dates of your job. Online resume builder would provide you with templates that can help you beautifully add work experience.

List all relevant skills and keywords

If you want to win the job you are applying for, you must write down the most important skills in the resume. The skills that you add would work just like keywords which would win over the recruiter’s interest. You have to make sure that you add the skills mentioned in the requirements section of the job post. The top resume maker offered hybrid resume formats that would have a proper highlighted section that shows your skills.

Don’t forget to add your education and certifications

Experience and skills aren’t the only things that you need to add to the resume. You also have to tell the recruiter that you are educated and have the relevant certifications which make you eligible for the job.  You have to add a separate section in the resume after the work experience. You have to mention your degrees and certifications. 

Proofread your resume and work on its format

The worst resume is the one that has no format and is filled up with tons of spelling and grammatical mistakes. You have to make sure that you proofread your resume before submission. You also need to make sure that the format of the CV is clear and concise. Using an online resume builder can provide you with great help in setting the right format and proofreading the contents of the resume!

This guide would surely help you create the most appealing resume which would get you your dream job!

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