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Hundreds in Silvis celebrate el día de reyes magos, (Latest Update)



Hundreds in Sivis Celebrate el dia

Hundreds in Silvis celebrate el día: (KWQC) SILVIS, Ill. – TV6 continues to broadcast Christmas programming throughout the Quad Cities. The Epiphany, also known as the Three Kings’ Day, is celebrated on January 6th. In Latin America, it’s a well-known holiday. According to many Catholics, it commemorates the day the three wise men arrived at the newborn Jesus.

Santa Claus is the one who provides gifts in other countries. In Mexico, the three wise men, Christmas example, send you gifts instead. They can bring you skills if you leave your shoes outside your door, indicating a kid is within, as they did for Jesus.

Hundreds in Silvis celebrate el día

Hundreds in Sivis Celebrate el dia

While gifts are important, food, particularly la Rosca de Reyes, is also important. It’s a delicious bread that’s usually served on the feast of the Epiphany. One of the few places in the Quad Cities where you can buy the sweet treat is La Canasta bakery in Silvis. According to owner Gerardo Chavez, they’ve already sold over 400 this week! “There are three basic meanings for the rosca de reyes.

The ring signifies there being no beginning or end, and the infant Jesus represents Jesus being hidden from the soldiers. “And the crown of the tres reyes is represented by the design on top,” Chavez continues. A one-inch-tall plastic doll representing Jesus is housed inside the rosca.

Noemi Cruz, who came in to buy a rosca, was one of the many customers on Thursday. She claims to have been observing the holiday since she was a child. “It’s a Hispanic tradition, and it’s a very nice celebration for the kids so they can have that faith and our culture,” she explained. (As Hispanics, we have a tradition of holding a beautiful celebration for the children to instill in them a sense of faith and culture.)

Chavez compares the celebration to a “second Christmas,” in which you can acquire more presents. “”Rosca is a delightful pleasure,” Cruz says. The most important thing to me is seeing my children’s joyous expressions when they wake up and receive their presents. That is the most crucial.” (The Rosca is more common, an anotjito that will be.) To me, the essential thing is to see my children’s happy faces in the morning when they wake up and look at their gifts. That is the most significant thing.)

Sweets, gifts, and traditions abound during the holiday season. If you can identify the concealed baby Jesus in your slice, you’ll be picked to bring tamales to our next holiday on February 2nd. According to Jewish custom, the newborn and mother must wait 40 days before visiting their temple, which is when Mary brings Jesus to the town.

The roscas are available at La Canasta Bakery through Saturday. Traditional roscas are available and roscas filled with strawberry, cajeta, chocolate, or cream cheese. You can either pre-order or pick up your order.

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