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Id Scanner App

Id Scanner App: To counteract the use of Phoney IDs, law enforcement agencies and businesses have begun to deploy a new technology. Intellicheck’s Age ID software guarantees accuracy and speed in its verification.

The Programme Scans

Id Scanner App

the barcode on the back of an ID, such as a driver’s licence, with the camera on a phone or tablet. The software verifies the legitimacy of an ID in less than 10 seconds and determines whether it is legitimate, phoney, or requires further examination.

Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control Chief of Enforcement Russell Hanna said his department began using the app in the summer of 2016. Authentic information from a real licence barcode is frequently duplicated and used on innumerable phoney IDs, according to Hanna.

However, while the information on the front of the licence may appear valid, the barcode is difficult to re-create and contains information that does not match up.

Most young people, according to Hanna, buy false IDs online, including those from China. According to him, the quality of today’s fakes is so good that his operatives would spend over 10 minutes phoning and checking each ID.

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According to a National Institutes of Health research, little over 12% of college students at a large Midwestern university admitted to using a fake ID for the purpose of acquiring alcohol. By the conclusion of sophomore year, the percentage had risen to almost 30% for the same class.

For a little over a year, businesses have begun utilising the app. The technology’s main goal is to keep age-restricted products out of the hands of individuals who aren’t allowed to buy them legally, but with so many different licences from all around the country, it’s difficult to keep up with changes. According to Victor Pittman, president of Silver Leaf Wines and Spirits in Ridgeland, Miss.,

“There’s no way for us to know if they modify the format or location of their driver’s licences,” he said. The technology has promise, but it isn’t without flaws.

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“We’ve had a couple, very few, that it stated was good and they weren’t,” Hanna explained. “We discovered they weren’t good in other ways,” Hanna explained.

Intellicheck collaborates with DMVs across the country to spot newly created false IDs.

Roof continued, “We re-do our programme to catch the new points of quality that they put in so that it’s practically indistinguishable from a real licence.”

Because the technology contains personal data, the app’s creators claim that the company follows FBI security rules.

Intellicheck also stated that it does not store any personal information, but that businesses may do so if they chose to exclude someone from their company. Uber is accused of spying on its users, including celebrities such as Beyonce.

The software is not available for download on the App Store. There is a framework in place, according to William Roof, CEO and president of Intellicheck, to ensure that businesses and law enforcement have access.

Roof added, “We’ll vet you and make sure you’re an authentic business.” “After that, you download the app and pay a monthly charge for unlimited scans.”

The software is available for download through Apple’s Business to Business (B2B) app store, and an Android version is in the works.

Hundreds of businesses have downloaded the app so far, and North Carolina’s alcohol enforcement agency has also accepted it. Over a dozen state law enforcement organisations are presently looking into using the app.

Age ID technology is also utilised to protect the country’s ports and military locations, as well as to combat fraud in the retail business. According to Initellicheck, a similar software called Defense ID is used to protect 23 army locations and 16 US ports, and high-end stores like Helzberg Diamonds utilise the Retail ID app to prevent fraudulent sales and returns.

The technology has the ability to boost a retailer’s profits. Return fraud and abuse cost between $9.1 and $15.9 billion in 2015, according to data provided by the National Retail Federation. Future Homeland Security applications are also possible.

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