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Ihop Delivery & Takeout Of The All Details



Ihop Delivery

Ihop Delivery: One has to wonder why they didn’t take advantage of a golden opportunity to alter their name to “IHObb.”

IHOP (and, for a brief period, “IHOb” when it sought to promote its burger menu) has announced the launch of its Burritos & Bowls menu.

Which features six different flavour combinations that may be served inside – you guessed it – a burrito or a bowl.

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Ihop Delivery

The new Burritos & Bowls menu will be available at selected stores beginning Tuesday, with prices starting at $5.99. Among the varieties are:

• The Traditional, which includes scrambled eggs, shredded cheeses, hash browns, and bacon or sausage.

• Scrambled eggs, diced ham, sausage, peppers, onions, shredded cheeses, and hash browns in a country breakfast

• Shredded beef, scrambled eggs, poblano peppers, serrano chiles, red peppers, onions, shredded cheeses, avocado, and hash browns in a spicy Poblano Fajita

• Grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, bacon, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, queso, shredded cheeses, avocado, and hash browns.

• Spicy Shredded Beef, which is similar to the Spicy Poblano Fajita but without the eggs and instead of hash browns, a rice medley

• New Mexico Chicken, which is similar to Southwest Chicken but without the eggs and instead of hash browns, includes a rice medley.

In a press release, Brad Haley, Chief Marketing Officer at IHOP, said, “Burritos are the #1 fastest growing morning menu item in America, so as the breakfast leader, IHOP wanted to make some outstanding ones.”

During the epidemic, Haley added, “guests are asking for more menu items that are portable for take-out and delivery.”

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IHOP’s new Burritos & Bowls menu arrives more than two years after the chain’s last major menu update, when it temporarily changed its moniker to “IHOb” to showcase a new line of burgers.

Fellow restaurant chains quickly mocked IHOP for their marketing strategy, but the CEO of IHOP’s parent company, Dine Brands Global, disclosed that the tactic quadrupled IHOP’s burger sales in just a few months.

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