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Illinois Covid News: Health Officials Announced Live Update



Illinois Covid News

Illinois Covid News: On Monday, Illinois health officials announced more than 19,000 new confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases, with more than 7,100 people hospitalised after testing positive for the virus.

On Monday, the state recorded 19,237 cases, the lowest number since January 2. The number of new cases in the state is presently averaging 31,647 per day, the lowest level since December 27.

Illinois Covid News According to IDPH data, the state has reported 2,460,270 cases of COVID during the pandemic

Illinois Covid News

Illinois has now reported 34 more COVID deaths in the previous 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID deaths in the state to 28,568 since the epidemic began in February 2020. COVID-19 fatalities are currently listed as “likely” in 3,348 cases.

The state reported that it had collected 153,056 new test results in the last 24 hours, increasing the state’s daily average to an all-time high of 235,455 tests during the last week.

According to IDPH data, the state’s positivity rate decreased on Monday, with 13.4 percent of all tests returning positive results and 17.3 percent of patients tested returning positive results. During the epidemic, the state conducted more than 46.8 million tests.

In the state, there are currently 7,114 individuals hospitalised with COVID, down from the record watermark of 7,170 reached on Sunday.

According to IDPH data, 1,139 of them patients are currently in intensive care units

According to the IDPH, 68.8% of eligible residents in the state have been properly vaccinated. The state now administers an average of 54,224 vaccination doses per day, a quantity that has risen dramatically in recent days.

According to state officials, approximately 3.4 million booster doses have been delivered across the state thus far.

In total, 6,087 fully vaccinated Illinois residents have been hospitalised after getting COVID, accounting for 0.078 percent of the state’s fully vaccinated population. 1,674 people, or 0.022 percent of the completely vaccinated population, have died as a result of the virus’s consequences.

Around 70% of patients who were hospitalised after being fully vaccinated were 65 or older, and 87 percent of those who died after being fully vaccinated were in the same age group.

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