Mall of America 5 Year Old

The 5-year-old boy who was tossed from the Mall of America balcony is ‘walking perfectly,’ according to his family

Mall of America 5 Year Old

Mall of America 5 Year Old : The 5-year-old child who survived being tossed from a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America is “walking perfectly” and may soon be off his medicine.

On a GoFundMe website, Landen Hoffman’s family provided an update on the boy, stating that the open incision on his tummy had “finally scabbed over and new skin is forming.”

“Mom has been doing everything she can to hasten the healing of his wound and to wean him off some of his medications,” according to the post.

When Emmanuel Aranda, 24, flung Hoffman roughly 40 feet during a random attack at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

On April 12, Hoffman was hospitalised with two broken arms, a fractured leg, and fractures to his face and skull.

Due to his injuries and “serious complications,” he had to endure 15 separate medical procedures and surgeries. Months later, he returned home.

Hoffman is now believed to be having a good time and attending kindergarten with his twin brother and sister.

“Every morning, he gets out of the car smiling and blows kisses all the way in!” “He’s a strong, joyful young man,” the message said.

“Whenever his mother asks whether she may look at his wound or inquires about his well-being, he always says, ‘Mom, I’m healed; you don’t need to ask me anymore

Landen is passionate about both life and Jesus!”

“Don’t worry, I fell from a cliff, but Angels caught me, and Jesus loves me, so I’m ok, and you will be too!” it continued.


Hoffman has many fond memories of “all of the individuals who loved him and cared for him at the hospital,” according to his family, and he’s been enjoying all of the cards he’s been receiving in the mail.

“We have a lot of follow-up appointments coming up in December,” the post added, adding, “His entire family feels the love and is so grateful for the prayers and individuals like you who care so much about others!”

There was one wicked person, but millions of good ones arose from him!

After pleading guilty to attempted murder in early June, Aranda was sentenced to 19 years in jail.

After heading to the mall seeking for someone to kill, he informed detectives he decided to hurt the child.

The man claimed that he had been rejected by women for years, prompting him to “lash out and be aggressive.”

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