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Indago Inc: Its Details, Turnover And Revenue



Indago: Inc. is part of the Legal Services Industry and is based in Austin, Texas.

Indago, Inc. employs 11 people across all of its sites and has a revenue of $1.42 million (USD). (Employees and sales figures are based on simulations.)

Indago Inc Company Overview


About Indago Company Address

  • Address: 112 E 7TH St Austin, TX, 78701-3209 United States
  • Phone: (844) 463-2400
  • Website: External Website
  • Employee (this site): 11
  •  Employee (all sites): 11
  • Revenue: $1.42 million
  • Year Started: 2017 Incorporated: 2016

Company Analyzing Scalability

When analyzing the scalability of debugging as your design sizes grow, consider the startup time and responsiveness to user requests (driver tracing, search, and design exploration).

The multi-threaded architecture of the Cadence® IndagoTM Debug Analyzer ensures optimal responsiveness, with on-demand loading allowing for quick bring-up of big designs and reduced debugging time.

The Indago Debug Analyzer is designed for scalability, with support for both simulation and emulation and the capacity to load big source files and handle massive amounts of probe data.

It’s time to get to the bottom of things.

To get to the base of the problem, you’ll need to employ a combination of automation and sophisticated visualization.

The Indago Debug Analyzer has improved driver tracing to allow multi-stage tracing of the origin of a signal value, rapid search from a pre-indexed database, and displays not only matches but also connections to source locations and executions all of which helps to speed up debugging.

The debugger uses the same hyperlink technique to allow more efficient single-click navigation from source and log messages (smart log).

Furthermore, search enables “search for data value” and “data value highlighting,” allowing you to visualize data propagation throughout your design in a powerful way.

Integrated Debug Solution

The Indago Debug Analyzer is part of the Indago family of debugging solutions, which provide a consistent appearance and feel across the Cadence XceliumTM, Palladium®, and ProtiumTM verification engines. The Indago Debug Family consists of the following members:

• Indago Debug Analyzer — interactive and post-processing RTL/gate and testbench

• Indago Embedded Software Debug — For debugging software after it has been processed.

• Cadence PerspecTM System Verifier Indago Portable Stimulus Debug — For debugging tests generated by the Cadence PerspecTM System Verifier

Indago Social Media Profile

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the location of Indago, Inc.’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Indago, Inc. is located at 112 E 7TH St, Austin, TX, 78701-3209 in the United States.

Q. What is the industry of Indago Inc.?

Indago, Inc. is in the Legal Services business.

Q. What is the phone number for Indago Inc.?

The phone number for Indago, Inc. is (844) 463-2400.

Q. What is the address of Indago Inc.’s website? is the website of Indago, Inc.

Q. Indago Inc. has how many employees?

Indago, Inc. employs 11 people.

Who is the essential person at Indago, Inc.?

Randy Kuhler is the founder and CEO of Indago, Inc.

Q. Indago Inc. was founded in what year?

Indago, Inc. began operations in 2017.

Q. Indago Inc. was founded in what year?

Indago, Inc. was founded in the year 2016.

Q. What is the revenue of Indago Inc.?

The revenue of Indago, Inc. is $1.42 million.

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