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Is NBA Youngboy Dead? In His Jail Cell A Month



is nba youngboy dead

Is NBA Youngboy Dead: was discovered dead in his detention cell, according to the accusation.

A Facebook post falsely claims that rapper NBA YoungBoy was found dead in his jail cell a month after he was arrested and brought into custody in Louisiana.

“The world’s biggest artist NBA YOUNGBOY, whose actual name is Kentrell DeSeaun Gaulden, was found dead in his jail earlier today,” according to the image, which is a screenshot of an alleged news story.

The image was shared on May 19, and there are no sources to back up the assertion.

The poster was contacted by USA TODAY for comment.

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But the report is false: Gaulden is still in custody, according to Louisiana law enforcement sources.

Is NBA Youngboy dead in his jail cell

is nba youngboy dead

Similar reports about the rapper’s death have been circulated on social media in the past, but they have always been baseless, just like this one.

According to Greg Moroux, head legal counsel for the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, Gaulden was not found dead in his cell.

According to the custody record, Gaulden was detained at the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center on April 13 and is still in custody as of May 26.

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Gaulden, 21, was apprehended in March after fleeing from authorities in California, according to WBR-TV in Baton Rouge, La. He has an outstanding warrant from a September 2020 arrest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on drug and weapons-related offences.

Gaulden was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing an unregistered firearm on one count. He has pled not guilty to both allegations and is being held in custody until his trial in mid-June.

False, according to us.

Based on our findings, we assess the claim that Gaulden was found dead in his detention cell as FALSE. The shares are false, according to the St. Martin’s Parish Sheriff’s Office, which is in charge of the facility where he is being kept.

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