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Ismail Darbar: Has Opened UP About His Son Zaid’s Wedding



Ismail Darbar

ayesha i. darbar Ismail Darbar has opened up about his son Zaid’s wedding to actor Gauahar Khan on Friday.

Ismail Darbar, a music composer, has revealed that his social media influencer son Zaid’s wedding to actor Gauahar Khan was a success in every way. Ismail, who praised the meal in particular, admitted that he became upset during the event.

He talked about breaking down when holding Zaid and the words he had with Gauahar’s mother in an interview.

“She said me meri beti ka khayal rakhna,” he told ETimes (Take care of my daughter). I informed her, “Aap ki beti itni kaabil hai, woh mere poore parivaar ka khayyal rakhegi.”

He claimed that he had always thought that overt displays of emotion during weddings were just ‘naatak (drama),’ but he was astonished when he sobbed while hugging Zaid.

“I used to think it was a natak when people sobbed, but I was proven wrong today.” I’m not sure what occurred, but when I hugged my son after he was married, my feelings suddenly swelled up.”

Ismail also mentioned his second wife, Ayesha, and Zaid’s mother, Farzana, meeting. “Ayesha took a step forward and hugged Farzana. He stated, “That was a very emotional time.”

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