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It’s Above Me Now



It's Above Me Now

After refusing to rent a room to a lady who allegedly shouted a racist slur against him, a hotel worker in Austin, Texas, went viral

It's Above Me Now

It’s Above Me Now : On Sunday, video of the event, which shows the Holiday Inn Express employee refusing to serve the woman, was posted to Twitter.

The employee alleges in the video that he overheard the guest calling him the N-word on the phone.

According to Insider, the woman had called the hotel at the last minute to book a room.

She allegedly made the insulting remark before hanging up, unaware that Craig Brooks might still hear her.

However, when she arrived a few minutes later, she learned that no room had been reserved for her.

She may be heard arguing with Brooks in the video. “I need to stay here, my mother died,” she adds at one point.

She apologises when Brooks confronts her about using the slur, but Brooks answers, “You weren’t sorry when you said it on the phone.”

The woman continues to beg Brooks, but he refuses. He says, “I get that, but it’s above me now,” when she says she needs a room. He then advises her to a Best Western in the area.

Brooks tweeted after the video went viral, “Just got off the phone with my GM… still employed.”

Meanwhile, social media fans praised Brooks’ remark, and the phrase “it’s above me” became a viral meme.

Brooks, on the other hand, has faced blowback for prior remarks that some have alleged were transphobic.

He expressed regret for the words as well as his reaction to the responses.

A request for comment from Fox News was not immediately returned by Holiday Inn.

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