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How To Izumi Miyamura Breaks the Shonen Male Lead Mold



Izumi Miyamura

Izumi Miyamura of Horimiya has skills and faults set him apart from traditional male shonen protagonists. Horimiya, the popular animated rom-com series, swiftly establishes one point: its characters are far from typical shonen or shojo tropes. Izumi Miyamura makes it evident that a lot of effort made the likeable cast feel more intimate and unique than a collection of stereotypes.

Horimiya’s key theme is that people are more than meets the eye, and first impressions aren’t everything. That’s something newcomers to the series should be aware of before plunging in, as Izumi Miyamura breaks practically every cliche, convention, and stereotype of the male leads in anime, regardless of genre.

Izumi Miyamura’s Gentle Nature

Izumi Miyamura

What makes Izumi Miyamura, Horimiya’s core pairing’s male half, exceptional is that he isn’t unique. Izumi is more intriguing than his glum school façade suggests (on purpose), but he doesn’t believe that being a valuable person necessitates being showy or flashy.

He does not need fame, recognition, or acceptance; instead, he is satisfied to be himself in a quiet but pleasant life, which may serve as an example to many viewers.

Characters and real-life people Izumi’s age have almost their entire lives ahead, giving them plenty of time to figure out who they want to be and strive toward that goal. Izumi has no desire to be a well-known figure in his world or as a manga/anime hero. It’s an important quality to have that kind of patient humility.

Instead, Izumi distinguishes himself with his good deeds, serene self-assurance, and kind heart, all of which are sure to endear him to anyone.

He isn’t the most exciting person globally, but he doesn’t have to be — and it suits Kyoko Hori just fine. Kyoko appears to be a popular and lively student at school who is often in the spotlight, but she finds it stressful and prefers to live a peaceful, responsible life at home with her younger brother Sota. She isn’t searching for a high-voltage boyfriend, such as a soccer player or a “huge dude on campus.”

She immediately discovers Izumi’s true character and finds it enticing, though she is first intimidated. Izumi fits in with the Hori family as a welcome guest and quickly positions himself as Sota’s older brother.

Everyone Gets A Break From Izumi Miyamura

Izumi proves time and time again that his “slow and steady wins the race” strategy works, putting him apart from many other shonen male protagonists, regardless of genre. Izumi is never arrogant, conceited, or impatient, and he never tries to prove anything to anyone other than Kyoko, who is very important to him. In many respects, this sets Izumi apart from the pant-stealing.

These nosebleed-prone comedic male leads continually land face-first in females’ chests or get thrown in detention after some high school escapades. Rather than being an anime Bart Simpson, Izumi Miyamura is the sweet boy next door who is impossible not to admire, even if other male leads might dismiss him as uninteresting or meek in comparison.

Of course, wild and irresponsible male leads like Son Goku and Naruto Uzumaki, as well as hot-headed ones like Futaro Uesugi or Kyo Sohma, may be a lot of fun. On the other hand, Manga and anime show that an ideal young man may be so much more, and kind souls like Horimiya’s Izumi Miyamura are ready to turn down the volume and give everyone a respite. Gentleness is sometimes the greatest strength, and healthy masculinity is much more than crazy pranks and reckless confidence.

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