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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Full Fight: Anticipated Boxing Match



jake paul vs tyron woodley full fight

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Full Fight: Several outlets have provided full bout video highlights from Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2’s anticipated boxing match.

The second installment of Paul vs. Woodley took place on December 18 at the Amelie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Jake Paul (5-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-2) fought in a heated rematch that aired live on Showtime pay-per-view Saturday night.
More video highlights can be found below.

Check out MMA Fight’s Alexander K. Lee’s live blog for more on Paul vs. Woodley 2.

jake paul vs tyron woodley full fight

Woodley takes the centre of the ring in the first round, and they’re both busy right away. Woodley casts his hook into the air, trying to grab Paul as he approaches. Paul attempts an overhand right but fails. Both combatants are quite quick on their feet. Paul follows up with a body attack after doubling up on a punch.

They clench their fists together against the restraints. Paul closes the space with a jab back in the centre. Woodley started yet another clinch. Paul delivers a powerful right to the body. They’ve re-tied. Paul makes a jab towards the body. These punches don’t have much steam behind them. They finish the round by tying up.

Paul wins the round 10-9 in MMA Fighting

Round 2: Paul lands a right over the top. Woodley with the tie-up is coming out more aggressively to start the second. After a brief exchange, Paul is the one who initiates a clinch. Paul connects with a 1-2.

After absorbing a couple of Paul shots, Woodley goes to the body. The crowd is becoming agitated due to the clinching. They tie up again after Paul makes a straight left. So far, it’s been a gruelling battle, and not in a good way. Woodley’s beard is seen overhand right near Paul. Paul adds to his tally with a combo. Paul gets a better round.

Paul wins the round 10-9 in MMA Fighting. Paul wins by a score of 20-18 overall

Woodley throws a few punches in the third round, but Paul keeps his gloves high and tight. With a straight punch, he advances and scores. Paul has a severe cut on his head, which the referee claims is the result of an unintentional elbow.

Woodley’s right hand lands, followed by another that has Woodley retreating. Paul recovers and executes a combo that ends with a body shot. With a minute left, the referee must again call a timeout as they tie up against the ropes. The round came to a close without incident. They’ll have to clean up Paul’s cut because it’s a bleeder.

Woodley wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Paul has a score of 29-28

Round 4: Paul scores with a pair of punches to the body. Paul goes body again, but with a wild haymaker, he misses. A clinch is started by Woodley. They split up, but Woodley comes back with a solid uppercut. With a straight right, Woodley scores. Paul is continuing his assault on the body.

Woodley takes him by the hand and leads him to the ropes. Paul is almost in a front headlock on Woodley until he is thrown off. Woodley is given a warning by the referee. There’s a combination that produces another Woodley clinch, Paul to the body. Paul’s overhand right nearly misses. Woodley is simply leaning against him.

Paul wins the round 10-9 in MMA Fighting. Overall, Paul has a score of 39-37

Round 5: Woodley is getting into his stride, landing a few scoring punches before clinching up again. Paul returns to his jab. An approaching Woodley is hit with a clean jab. As he pursues Woodley, Paul throws a combo.

As Woodley attempts for another clinch, Paul throws a jab. Paul isn’t getting much of a chance, but Woodley is barely throwing any blows, and the audience is getting tired of his clutching. Paul does a body-head move. “Are we going to fight?” the referee asks Woodley. Paul goes for the clinch after Woodley replies with a quick combo. Round is unattractive.

Paul wins the round 10-9 in MMA Fighting. Paul wins by a score of 49-46.

Tyron Woodley is knocked out in the sixth round by Jake Paul.

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