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Jake Rice-Cameron: In May 2018, his Republican group’s Facebook page declared its desire to “Make Stanford Great Again.” “Trump is terrific,” the group’s mission statement reads. Construct the barrier.

Deport criminals who have entered the country illegally. Guns are lifesavers. There are only two genders in the world. Abortion is a form of murder Taxation is a form of thievery. Affirmative action is racially discriminatory. “White privilege is a fabrication.”

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Jake Rice-Cameron

It’s difficult to conceive a manifesto that is more at odds with what Susan Rice has spent her whole life fighting for. She claimed that his current viewpoints were more sophisticated (they had dinner together three days prior to the interview).

“I think he has a lot of conflicting sentiments about Trump,” she stated, emphasizing that she was not speaking for him. “He described himself as a Reagan conservative,” he said. That’s a big difference in my opinion from a Trump supporter.

He is an internationalist who believes in strong American leadership and our partnerships. He and I have a similar understanding of the threats and difficulties.”

On paper, much of the Republican Party could be defined in equally broad terms. However, it has demonstrated its loyalty to Trump in practice, even as he tramples on practically everything they have traditionally valued, leaving the country hostage to a volatile and self-dealing leader.

Rice claims in her book that “today, our domestic political conflicts pose the biggest threat to our national security.” This is partly due to big money’s unrestricted influence in politics, partly due to congressional district gerrymandering, but also because “our foes have proved both the will and capacity to weaponize our differences for use against us.”

Because “we now have a leader in the White House whose avowed aim is to deepen those divisions,” the US is making it easy for its adversaries.

“We’ve never had a president who intentionally demonizes big swaths of the public before.” And who criticizes the press’s freedom and the state institutions that exist to serve him and the country?” Rice stated his opinion.

She had an inside picture of how different the Trump administration would be from anything Washington had ever seen at the end of 2016. Rice and her national security council produced over a hundred briefing papers on the administrative and policy obstacles that her replacement, former Defense Intelligence Chief Michael Flynn, and his deputy, Fox News pundit KT McFarland, may encounter following the surprise election result.

However, they appeared strangely disconnected and indifferent. McFarland startled the departing employees by wearing a full-length mink coat to meetings and then asking if she and Flynn might share the job, with Flynn doing the mornings and her doing the afternoons.

Rice had to persuade Flynn to meet for two or three weeks. When they did, he seemed uninterested in the details of handling the national security council personnel and scheduling principals meetings.

She doubts that anyone read any of the briefing documents she sent. On the other hand, Flynn was “bizarrely fixated on exotic, highly compartmented, classified things, which I did not think he needed to know until after he took the position,” according to the report.

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Rice remains tight-lipped about the secrets Flynn was trying to pull from her, claiming only that she doubted he’d last long in the job.

She was absolutely correct. After it was revealed that he had presented a false description of his interactions with the Russian ambassador, he resigned within a month. Two months later, McFarland left.

Trump is on his fourth national security advisor, but Rice argues that the White House’s complicated policymaking machinery, which mediates the views of federal agencies, has withered away.

She stated, “It’s completely broken down.” “For the most part, it doesn’t exist.”

Even if Trump is defeated in a year, she believes it will take more than a year for the US to regain its footing on the international scene.

Rice argues that the country has survived worse, more violent eras of a split in its troubled history and grown stronger as a result. She claims that faith and willpower will triumph in both the nation and the Rice-Cameron household. But that optimism is based on the assumption that Trump will not be re-elected.

“I can’t even imagine what a dreadful scenario it is in terms of our global position and leadership… I’d rather not worry about it.”

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