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Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant: Journey on Third Child



Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant: Jennifer Love Hewitt is throwing a five-person bash!

The 9-1-1 actress confirms to People that she is expecting her third child with her husband, Brian Hallisay.

Hewitt, the mother of two children, Atticus James, 52, and Autumn James, 7, says the news came as a pleasant surprise.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant Photo

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant

I feel like we’ve been able to raise two wonderful kids who will be fantastic role models so far,” says Hewitt, 42, adding, “We had always been open to a third but didn’t anticipate it would be this moment in the tumultuous year that the entire globe was having.”

Being able to accomplish tiny human has been such a delightful, lovely, and unexpected gift in this time.”

Hewitt’s two children may be more excited than she is about adding a new family member, to the point where Atticus suspected Mom was pregnant before she even knew.

The expectation of her Two children | Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant

“My kids and I were lying in bed watching TV one night when a Clearblue commercial came on. ‘Hey Mommy, you should order one of them in case there’s a kid in your belly,’ my son said out of nowhere, “She remembers. “‘How disrespectful!’ I exclaimed.

I recently finished a large meal. ‘Can you tell me what he’s talking about?’ It resonated with me, begging for a sibling on and off for the past year or two. We weren’t opposed to the notion; it was just not something we were actively considering.”

“Sure enough,” Hewitt recalls, the pregnancy test confirmed her pregnancy after she humoured her son and took a test.

“‘Wow, this is very cool that he put it out there in the cosmos and there it was,’ I thought. “It was just hilarious that he watched the advertisement and said that out loud,” Hewitt adds, adding that both Atticus and Autumn were “extremely delighted.”

Her secret on Pregnancy for the Show | Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant

Hewitt also says she’s “proud” of herself for keeping her pregnancy a secret until now, even while portraying a pregnant woman named Maddie on-screen and mimicking “intense” labour and birth on Fox’s 9-1-1, which was just renewed for a second season.

“It was a good reminder of being back in that area now that my kids are a little older. ‘See?’ said [costar Kenneth Choi]. You got pregnant by pretending to be pregnant!’ ‘Yeah, I guess so,’ I answer. “Hewitt agrees. “The most bizarre experience was having to give birth while pregnant. That was a fascinating read.”

“And it was a particularly terrible day for me. So it had its own set of issues, but it was a good reminder of those lovely, amazing moments about which you are ecstatic.

“She goes on to say that she filmed the delivery scene. “I had to remind myself of that, and then I had to be in a fascinating place because I knew I’d get to do it again.”

The Ghost Whisperer alum says she’ll be grateful to have her spouse in the delivery room when it’s time to give birth again.

Actress Husband Happy | Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant

“He’s like a rock during labour,” she adds of Hallisay, whom she married in November 2013. “You’d never know if he was frightened, upset, or panicked because he’s just that amazing.

He eats a lot of snacks, which is the only thing about him and labour that makes me giggle. Hospital bag, I usually have an outfit for myself and an outfit for the baby, as well as food for Brian!”

And, even though Hewitt says she adores “I’m very convinced” that kid No. 3 will be her last due to “the experience” of being pregnant. I’m not sure I’d be able to do another one. Five is a great number, in my opinion.”

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