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Jet Li Mulan: Emperor, Dismisses Health Reports and 57 Years Old



jet li mulan

Jet Li Mulan: the global star’s first film in four years, Jet Li returns to the cinema as the formidable Emperor.

It’s a welcome homecoming for fans of the 57-year-old martial arts veteran, who has appeared in films such as “The Expendables,” “Romeo Must Die,” and “Lethal Weapon 4.” Li’s most recent feature was the underappreciated 2016 action picture “League of Gods.

Two years later, a fan’s photograph of Li appearing emaciated in Tibet went viral, raising concerns about his health. At the time, his management dismissed the accusations (“Jet is perfectly OK,” manager Steven Chasman stated), and Li laughed them off in an interview with USA TODAY in March.

“It’s not a problem for me,” Li added. “Others believe I’m unwell since I don’t make a lot of movies. I just smile and don’t give a damn. I’m always in good shape. People, on the other hand, try to find an excuse, saying, “Why doesn’t he make a film because he has a problem?” Okay, fine, that’s how you feel; I’m still fine.”

Jet Li Mulan Emperor, Dismisses Health

jet li mulan

Li claims that his low Hollywood presence is due to a shift in priorities in his life. He adds, “Life is a movie, too.”

In 2004, while protecting his daughter from tsunami waves that inundated his Maldives hotel, the action star damaged his foot.

Li says he has since devoted himself to charitable work through his One Foundation, which he formed in 2007 with the goal of providing counselling to victims of natural catastrophes and assisting young people dealing with mental health concerns.

I altered my mind and chose not to concentrate solely on films. I’d like to contribute to the restitution of my society “Li explains.

Li was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, in 2010, the year he starred as martial arts practitioner Yin Yang in the action-adventure film “The Expendables.” Among other symptoms, the illness causes changes in a person’s metabolism and heart rate.

Li, on the other hand, claims to be selective about his film roles. He says he agreed to star in the $200 million “Mulan,” opposite Donnie Yen (Commander Tung) and Yifei Liu (Mulan), since his girls adored the original animated 1998 picture.

In his beautiful throne room, the film’s most dramatic location, his Emperor issues his decrees in exquisitely intricate hand-embroidered silk garments.

“My character in this picture doesn’t have a lot of action movements,” Li explains, adding that director Niki Caro intended to tap into his inner strength. “‘You’re not Jet Li Mulan, you’re the king,’ she remarked. Just sit there and keep everything under your control.’ My face is devoid of expressions.”

According to producer Jason Reid, Li’s gravitas as the imperial figure who shapes so much of Mulan’s worldview was necessary for the part.

Jet provides something no one else can — majesty and authority,” Reid explained. “And he has the kind of swagger that goes into an action sequence.”

In the “Mulan” conclusion, Li shows off his legendary Wushu sword skills, leading up to a showdown with the wicked Bori Khan, played by Jason Scott Lee. Lee claimed he felt like a true fangirl as he watched the martial arts champion prepare for his fight scene, structuring the action to fit his abilities and flawlessly executing it.

It was like sitting in on a master class,” Lee recalls.

Lee asked his screen “hero” and fully dressed co-star if they could snap a picture together in between filming sequences of trying to murder the Emperor.

“Jet says, ‘Wait!’ just as we’re about to shoot the photo. He doesn’t want this image to be taken, I reasoned “Lee explains. “Jet, on the other hand, went to get his Emperor’s helmet and put it on. He wouldn’t take the picture unless he had the entire costume on.”

According to Chasman, Li was inspired by “Mulan” and is currently looking for other film projects to be announced soon. He’s also content to back up up-and-comers like Liu, who portrays the

heroic title role. When Li was 14, she began working with the Chinese actress. “Back then, I thought this girl was going to be a star,” he recalls.

Liu often recounts how the veteran actor saved her during an action scene gone bad in 2008’s “The Forbidden Kingdom,” dramatically riding alongside her runaway horse and bringing it to a halt.

Li laughs as she remembers the storey. “She is powerless over the horse. I also brought the horse to a halt. I was able to assist her. So I’m overjoyed “he declares

However, it was Liu’s warrior character who was tasked with defending Li’s Emperor on the “Mulan” set.

“‘How do I save you?’ she said. ‘Are you the hero and the master?'” Li smiles as he recalls the event. “‘Don’t think about it,’ I said. Mulan is your name. ‘Be honest and courageous.

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