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Jewelry Cases For Travelling: Different Kinds Of Jewelry Cases



Jewelry Cases for Travelling

Jewelry Cases for Travelling: If there is one piece of packing advice we keep hearing, it’s to separate your belongings pajamas in one section, socks, and underwear in another; if you’re traveling to many areas, sorting by temperature or city can also be beneficial.

And, while packing cubes for your clothes is expected, don’t forget about your jewelry.

Jewelry Cases for Travelling Accessories on the Occasion

Jewelry Cases for Travelling

If you’re the type of traveler who wears different earrings with each outfit, or if you’re going to a particular occasion where rings, cuff links, or necklaces are required, you’ll need to think about where you’ll keep your jewelry.

A jewelry case will keep you organized and prevent a tangle of necklaces and bracelets from forming at the bottom of your travel pack.

Fortunately, whether you want to store just a watch or many pieces at once, there’s a case for just about every type of accessory. Continue reading to learn about the most acceptable travel jewelry bag for any occasion.

Mark and Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case is the best square case

This square container is ideal for extended weekends away, with seven slots for rings or earrings and four rectangular pockets for bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories.

It’s constructed of textured vegan leather and available in various hues, ranging from a moderate camel to a vibrant poppy red.

The smooth linen lining protects your valuable jewelry from damage on the inside. Do you like to personalize your things with a monogram? For $12, you may add your own.

Mejuri’s new travel case has four necklace hooks, and six holes for earrings is another excellent alternative. Purchase now for $69 at

Panama Round Trinket Case is the best round case | Jewelry Cases for Travelling

When it comes to travel accessories, Smythson is a favorite, and the brand’s jewelry cases are no exception.

This spherical container is ideal for storing items that won’t become tangled, such as watches, bracelets, rings, or cuff links, but it may also be used as a general catch-all for keys or headphones.

When you’re not traveling, it looks nice enough to set out on your dresser or desk. Buy now at for $275.

Mark and Graham Leather Jewelry Roll Up is the best roll-up case

The leather roll-up case from Mark and Graham, which can be monogrammed for free, opens up to reveal three flat sections: a leather tab for your earrings (nine holes total); a snap tab for necklaces with a zippered pocket underneath, and an intelligent leather flap to keep chains from moving around too much in another; and an open pocket to slide in bracelets and rings in the third. Secure it by fastening the leather straps after you’ve rolled it up. Purchase now for $69 at

Wolf Howard Cuff Link Box is the best cuff link case | Jewelry Cases for Travelling

Consider investing in a decent case before tossing your cuff links into your Dopp kit and calling it a day. Wolf’s Howard box is smaller than a sunglasses case and has two sections to organize cuff link sets.

It’s created with a pebble leather surface and Ultrasuede interior (FYI—Ultrasuede is a synthetic microfiber fabric that resists stains, discoloration, and pilling). It won’t break the bank, either, for just under $30 at Nordstrom. has it for $29 right now.

Missoma Large Jewelry Travel Case is the best large case

We recommend a large, zipped bag like Missoma’s if you want your case to be able to accommodate all of your jewelry even when you’re not on vacation or if you’re going to travel with a variety of items.

When unzipped, it resembles a jewelry box, with two distinct zippered compartments containing slots for earrings, more extensive accessories such as bracelets or watches, and necklace hooks.

Leatherology also makes a great and long-lasting one; one editor has been using it for over a decade and reports it is still in fine condition. Can place Watches and rings into the lengthy, zippered compartments on one side of the case. Purchase now for $155,

Leatherology Watch Box is the best watch box | Jewelry Cases for Travelling

If you’re traveling with a watch, keep it safe in this Leatherology case when it’s not on your wrist. There’s a suede watch cushion inside, rather than just a square container to wrap your jewelry around.

There’s also an elastic suede pocket on the inside for earrings or cuff links. It’s available in 11 different shades, ranging from black onyx and ivory to rose and electric blue. Currently available for purchase at for $105.

McKenna Jewelry Binder is the best for packing light

Corina Quinn, the director of City Guides, prefers this flat Pottery Barn jewelry binder because it keeps jewelry tidier and less prone to tangle than a roll. It has a soft suede inner and leather outside, and it closes flat like a passport holder and zips shut.

A registration for hoop earrings and a strip for studs are on one side, while hooks for bracelets and necklaces are on the other. Additional storage is provided via a detachable panel with zippered compartments. Purchase now for $99 at

Velvet Ring Box is the best ring box

Most people advise wearing any valuable jewelry while traveling in case something goes wrong with your luggage. If one doesn’t want to wear a ring in the air, this velvet ring box from Anthropologie (which is an inch and a half tall and two inches broad) will fit in your carry-on. It’s available in black, pink, green, and ivory.

In. Travel Bag’s Jewelry Organizer is the most practical case

This case isn’t as stylish as others, but it’s pretty functional, especially if you prefer having choices. There’s plenty of storage for everything with ten zipped compartments. You won’t have to worry about remembering what went where because they’re all clear.

Because it folds up into a square roughly the size of a standard Dopp kit, you’ll want to keep it in your suitcase rather than a tote bag or backpack. Buy now at for $27.

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