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The 10 Saddest Facts About JJ From Outer Banks



jj From Outer Banks

jj from outer banks: On Netflix’s Outer Banks, JJ Maybank is a member of Pogues and John B.’s oldest boyhood pal. JJ stands out among his buddies because he’s vivacious, rash, and the driving force behind the majority of the group’s rash decisions. Outer Banks is exhilarating and tense, therefore he’s also the show’s humorous relief.

JJ, however, is deeply concerned beneath the jokes and Yolo attitude. Some of the saddest things that happen on the Outer Banks happen to JJ, not John B. or Sarah. JJ is one of the saddest characters in the Netflix series, from his horrific past to the town despising his existence.

JJ grew up in a violent household.

jj From Outer Banks

JJ grew up in a violent family with his father. JJ was affected by his father’s harsh life, which was surrounded by drugs and alcohol. JJ needed a father figure as a young adult, yet his father was never that man. JJ was rarely seen at home, and when he was, he was usually entering into a violent confrontation with an unlikable individual. This is why he frequented John B.’s – it provided a pleasant place for him to rest his head. It’s awful to think that, despite the fact that JJ had a father, he was never physically there in his life.

He yearned for his father’s love.

Because of the amount of abuse JJ endured while in his father’s care, it’s an unpopular position to desire JJ and his father to reconcile. And, despite his father’s treatment of JJ as if he is useless, there are times when JJ misses him. It’s a manipulating situation because JJ’s father can be the fun-loving man JJ needs on occasion, but he’s too preoccupied with his own problems to provide JJ with the love and stability he requires.

It was sad to witness JJ’s thoughts shift when he considered killing his father. On the one hand, his father was a violent man. On the other hand, this man was his father, and he knew he’d never be able to fire the gun.

The Kooks were constantly bullying him.

The Kooks and the Pogues are said to have a long history of animosity toward one another. The Kooks are the wealthy and well-off, whereas the Pogues represent the working class who dwell in The Cut. Because of their dislike for one another, the Kooks and the Pogues are continuously on the lookout for each other on the Outer Banks. And, unfortunately, the Kooks continually harass and bully JJ due of his extroverted personality. They jumped him in the locker room in “Midsummers,” and he was later dismissed.

The More In-Depth Reason For JJ’s Gun Carry

The Pogues were surprised to discover Scooter Grubbs’ yacht drowning in the bay after he went missing during a hurricane. Scooter had vanished, so the Pogues dove into the water, grabbed what they could, and searched for him. They found one key that led to a motel room with a loaded gun in the safe. As he was leaving, JJ took the gun with him and kept it with him at all times. JJ’s gun was hazardous, and the Pogues despised him carrying it. There is, however, a more serious justification for carrying the weapon.

JJ is constantly attacked by the Kooks and lives in an abusive home. Having a gun wasn’t simply a statement for JJ; it was a way to keep him safe and defend him if everything else failed, which is tragic in and of itself.

He could be in love with a girl who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

It’s implied that Kiara and John B. had crushes on each other at the outset of Outer Banks. This concerned JJ because he had a long-standing infatuation on Kiara and longed for something to happen between them for years, but Pogues didn’t date Pogues.

JJ felt relieved when Kiara and John B. realised they were better off as friends, but things grew worse for him. Pope made a move on Kiara soon after, and the two began to develop affections for each other. JJ, a proud guy, has never spoken his emotions on the subject, but it is clear that he adores Kiara.

JJ’s mother is not present.

It wasn’t just John B. who was missing his mother and father; JJ was missing his mother as well. Surprisingly, there isn’t much said about her. JJ’s father blamed him for his mother’s departure, although no one knows where she went.

Knowing how much JJ needs someone to look for him at home, it’s heartbreaking that he doesn’t have one. On Reddit, there’s even an Outer Banks notion that Rose (Ward Cameron’s second wife) is JJ’s biological mother. She is thought to have married a Kook after leaving her life as a Pogue.

When John B. “died,” he had a nervous breakdown.

When the cops were chasing John B. and Sarah, they stole a boat and fled to the sea. When a severe storm hit, everyone assumed they’d perished at sea. The Pogues were heartbroken by the tragic death of their friend John B., who was being pursued by detectives for a crime he didn’t commit. Rafe was the genuine villain, framing John B. for his violent behaviour.

Despite this, JJ was devastated by John B.’s defeat. John B. was his closest buddy and the only one who knew how it felt to grow up without loving parents. It was difficult to observe his grief.

Everyone thinks he’ll end up in prison like his father.

The town’s police department was aware of JJ’s upbringing and lifestyle due to his father’s past with the law. Unfortunately, they observed how disruptive JJ could be at times and made jokes during the show that he, like his father, would be inside jail soon enough.

JJ spoke some heartfelt things about wanting more out of life but feeling doomed to end up in jail because that’s what the community expected of him. JJ got his first taste of jail when he accepted responsibility for a crime that Pope technically committed and was arrested as a result. JJ was granted bail, but everyone expected him to return shortly.

He isn’t taken seriously by anyone.

Many of JJ’s ideas are shot down by the Pogues when they go on the treasure search—and subsequently on the hunt for John B. JJ’s ideas were too dangerous or ridiculous for Kiara and Pope, so they typically ignored him. However, there were a few times when JJ’s suggestions were the only ones available. Who knows if they would have ever located John B. and Sarah on the run in Charleston if it hadn’t been for JJ and his can-do attitude. Instead of being pushed aside, JJ needed support and trust from the Pogues. He was one of the best characters because of his devotion to his buddies.

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