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For’misinformation,’ Jen Psaki should have been barred from social media: Joe Concha (Joe Concha) is a

joe concha

Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, criticised Jen Psaki and the White House for attempting to determine what is and isn’t considered “misinformation” on social media.

Concha said on Monday’s “America’s Newsroom” that the White House Press Secretary shouldn’t be able to comment on censorship because she misled the public on Twitter.

CONCHA, JOE: Well, it may sound exaggerated, but it isn’t when you consider the government, an administration, a presidential administration, collaborating with a private firm — a big one, perhaps the most powerful communications platform in the world — to determine what is and isn’t false.

And when Ted Cruz said he was referring to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who suggested that those who spread false information on social media should be prohibited across all platforms if they are already banned on one.

Jen Psaki is the same Jen Psaki who spread false information on Russian soldier bounties.

She was with CNN at the time before joining the Biden administration.

This is in the year 2020… That was debunked. She labelled it misinformation, a doubtful report, and she called it factual.

She also claimed that Russian disinformation was responsible for Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That was the subject of another tweet. Jen Psaki should have been removed from social media since she was spreading false information, according to her own guidelines.

So, gentlemen, if the White House is trying to figure out what is and isn’t misinformation, their track record and Facebook’s retreating track record in terms of fact-checking isn’t great.

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