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john legend wife

In the midst of Chrissy Teigen’s battle to reclaim her empire, John Legend gave a speech at his daughter’s graduation

john legend wife

John legend wife : On the same day that his wife Chrissy Teigen released a lengthy apology amid her cyberbullying incident, John Legend put on an unified family face at his daughter’s graduation on Monday.

The Grammy Award-winning musician boasted on social media about giving the “largest commencement address ever.”

Legend also uploaded a photo of himself wearing a hat and gown and standing on a podium.

Legend captioned the photo, “Luna’s preschool pod departed inspired, ready to face the world and go to bed when mommy and daddy say so.”

Teigen, it seemed, was also present. She shared a new tattoo she got of a butterfly painted by Luna on Instagram late Monday night.

“I cried from beginning to finish, only breaking into laughing when John gave his much-anticipated commencement speech, in which he named the 5 p’s as pizza, peanut butter, petey, penny, and parents.

I cried because what a year it had been. However, guy. They’re still very young. Their eyes will take in a lot of information “In part, Teigen’s caption reads.

Teigen had taken to Twitter earlier that day to release a lengthy Medium article in which she addressed the “VERY humbling few weeks” and apologised to anyone she may have offended.

“There hasn’t been a single day, not a single moment when I haven’t felt the crushing weight of regret for the things I’ve spoken in the past,” she said.

The actress then went on to categorically condemn her previous acts.

“I was, without a doubt, a troll. And please accept my heartfelt apologies “she penned

Other celebs, including Legend, backed Teigen’s apologies. Jennifer Garner and Kyle Richards, stars of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” used heart emoticons instead of actual words.

Teigen noted in her piece that she got caught up in the early days of Twitter, when people were having a good time sending odd quips, musings, and observations.

This included “pop culture pile-ons,” which the actress now understands weren’t as innocent as she once believed.

She wrote, “In actuality, I was insecure, immature, and living in a world where I thought I had to impress strangers to be liked.”

“I used Twitter to attempt to get attention and show off what I thought was a crass, smart, innocent quip if there was a pop culture pile-on.

I used to think that making fun of celebrities made me seem hip and relatable.”

Teigen expressed regret that it took being publicly chastised by some of her cyberbullying victims, such as Courtney Stodden, to realise that “words have repercussions and there are actual people behind the Twitter names I went after.”

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham, who was once trolled by Teigen online, wrote a lengthy Medium piece on Tuesday, stating she had yet to hear from the former model.

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