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The 10 Best Jojo Memes And A JoJo Reference Memes



Jojo Memes

Jojo Memes: Making references to popular anime like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is entertaining. Especially when it comes to memes. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which was created by Hirohiko Araki in 1987 and has been around for decades, has seen a rise in popularity when the latest anime version began airing in 2012.

However, not every anime fan has taken to JoJo’s because of Araki’s graphic style, the show’s eccentric nature, or its distinctive presentation.

Where does the jojo memes come from and the 10 best jojo memes

Jojo Memes

This meme first appeared in 2016 on the now-defunct Vine social media platform. The reference may be found in the conclusion of episodes from the Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency arcs of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure animated television series.

As a result, many individuals in the anime community misunderstand JoJo’s memes, prompting the query, “Is it a JoJo reference?” The statement has become a meme in and of itself, so let’s take a look at 10 of the best memes that will have everyone asking, “Is that a JoJo reference?”

1. It’s time to bring up a JoJo’s reference.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans are a dedicated bunch, to the point where they’ll embrace the meme of JoJo’s fans continuously referencing their beloved programme by, well, incessantly referencing JoJo’s.

This meme, which features famous character Robert E. O. Speedwagon, is a fantastic illustration of the fandom for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but the “look at the clock” setup could easily be a terrific meme format in and of itself.

2. Images from the Internet

The beautiful thing about memes that query, “Is that a JoJo reference?” is that they’re universally applicable reaction graphics. This meme is a format in and of itself, and a developer may easily replace the word “JoJo” with any other property, such as Minecraft or something similar. What’s even funnier is that this JoJo’s meme is made up entirely of random stock photographs, complete with watermarks, and has no true JoJo’s references.

3. The Strange Adventures of Squidward

What good is a meme if it doesn’t include a SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff? After all, the popular Nickelodeon series has probably created more memes and meme formats than any other, so it’s only natural that SpongeBob and JoJo’s would collide to create this wacky meme.

What’s even better about this meme is that the use of Squidward feels completely right, as you can easily imagine Rodger Bumpass, Squidward’s voice actor, delivering those words.

4. Uncertainty

A frequent meme structure employs an insane array of fonts and logos to resemble a ransom note composed of newspaper clippings. This meme is relatively clear — excellent for when you’re not sure if anything is a JoJo’s allusion — but the use of Jotaro at the top makes it stand out. In the famous “Not sure whether” meme structure, his squinting scowl looks a lot like Philip J. Fry’s.

5. It’s a little misguided, but it’s fine.

The use of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in this image immediately makes the creator — and anyone brave enough to share the meme online — appear to be a dangerous miscreant. To top it off, when fans realise that the text is actually a passage of dialogue from Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, rather than the Joker, the meme becomes more funnier.5.

6. That Breakthrough Moment

It’s either very meta or ridiculously literal to use JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to ask if anything is a JoJo reference. Or both, perhaps! In any case, this meme is hilarious because it rewrites a scene from Diamond is Unbreakable to tell a storey.

What’s more, the four panels between the set-up and the punchline provide tension and drama as the audience anticipates the inevitable “Is that a JoJo reference?”

7. Confirmation

This meme has a similar idea to the last one, except instead of six panels, it has four. However, Jotaro’s attitude is different this time; instead of having a hunch that JoJo is being mentioned, he has a full-fledged comprehension. It’s made much funny by Jotaro’s destitute, irritated attitude in the final panel.

8. Continual References

Some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans appear to be quite conscious of their infatuation with the anime/manga and proclivity for making constant JoJo references yet again. A swear jar with some cash adjacent to a jar for making JoJo allusions that is about to overflow is depicted in this web joke. This meme is also incredibly generic, as the proper jar might be anything from Simpsons references to Mean Girls quotes to the words “late capitalism.”

9. Subversion

The funny thing about the “Is that a JoJo reference?” meme is that it’s frequently used on the internet when something isn’t a JoJo reference for satirical purposes. So, of course, someone would eventually subvert the pattern by creating a meme for when a real JoJo reference is made. As a result, there’s this helpful meme, which once again employs the multiple typeface and logo device, a.k.a. a graphic designer’s nightmare.

10. Meme that is intertextual

The “Is this a pigeon?” meme, which was inspired by a brilliant out-of-context screenshot from the anime The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, in which a character looks at a butterfly and asks, “Is this a pigeon?”

With some very humorous outcomes, someone bright decided to mix that with the “Is that a JoJo reference” meme. The artist didn’t go far with the ridiculous Araki expressions, but the figure’s drama remains. It’s uncertain whether the butterfly is a nod to Pietro Vanozzo’s Stand, Iron Butterfly.

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