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Juvia Fairy Tail: About 10 things That Don’t Make Sense



Juvia Fairy Tail

Juvia Fairy Tail may be a terrifyingly powerful water magician, but she’s also a peculiar one. The following are ten aspects about her that are perplexing.

In the hit anime Fairy Tail, Juvia Lockser is a water mage. She’s famous for her limitless love for Gray-sama, an ice wizard from the same guild. Fairy Tail’s hallmark move of turning foes into allies is exemplified by Juvia. Juvia was a member of Phantom Lord’s guild’s element 4 before joining Fairy Tail. It was her job to take on any Fairy Tail member as part of her mission. Juvia’s transformation from a depressed adolescent to a woman in love began with this occurrence.

Juvia’s Fairy Tail What are 10 such things that you do not understand, let us know

Juvia Fairy Tail

Juvia proudly wears her Fairy Tail symbol in her trademark blue colour on her thigh. Juvia must always wear blue, regardless of the time or situation. Because water is her element, she is naturally drawn to the colour blue. Isn’t that correct? So, see what about this water mage doesn’t make sense.

1. Gray-Sama, your beloved

Our water mage falls in love at first sight during the battle between Gray and Juvia during Phantom Lord’s arc. Until that point, Juvia has been shown as a melancholy character who goes around chanting “drip, drip, drop” in a dismal tone, as if it were an incantation to induce rain.

Because water and ice have comparable components, it’s possible that it was love at first sight. What is perplexing is Juvia’s love-struck demeanour from the start of this encounter. Her behaviour is borderline stalker-like, and it fits squarely into the obsessive category. It may not make sense, yet it becomes one of Juvia’s distinguishing characteristics.

2. Rivals in Love

Juvia’s obsessive tendencies toward Gray-sama have already been discussed, but what about her attitude toward her Fairy Tail guildmates? Her newfound perspective on life frequently incorporates fantasies about her and Gray’s love lives, but they take a grim turn when other females approach him.

This causes Juvia to regard people as love rivals, even when they expressly deny it. Of course, becoming jealous when someone is hitting on the person you love is natural, but accusing a guildmate every time they make a comment is absurd.

3. Attractive Elements

When it comes to love, it’s only natural that elements, or the components that help make up that element, attract each other, as Juvia, Gray, and Lyon Vastia of Lamia Scale have done in their love triangle. Lyon has fallen in love with Juvia at first sight, but she seems unconcerned about his flirtations and advances.

Lyon and Gray have a history together and are both ice magicians, so this love triangle is amusing in and of itself. What is puzzling in this scenario is Juvia’s utter dismissal of Lyon’s advances. She dismisses him before even giving him a chance, almost like Gray does with Juvia’s advances. Overall, their relationship is a shambles.

4. Why is there so much doom and gloom?

Juvia had a traumatic childhood. Rain would accompany her everywhere she went. This converted a bright and sunny day into a wet one, causing people to turn away from her. Juvia acquired a complex as a result of this, which she carried into her teenage years.

The rain ceased when Juvia’s emotions altered during her battle with Gray. Her personality also changes as a result of this. This is incomprehensible. Wouldn’t she have figured this out throughout her youth if all it took was a change in her mood to keep the rain away? In this sense, it means she was emotionally distressed all of the time. It would make more sense if she had a hard time socialising with others, but she plainly doesn’t, since she interacts with Fairy Tail guild members with ease.

5. pleading for forgiveness

Juvia encounters Keyes in the Tartaros Arc, who manipulates corpses to his whim. Gray’s father, Silver, is the subject of his current corpse manipulation. It is the demon Deliora who now inhabits in his body, not Silver. Gray has a traumatic experience as he comes face to face with a monster who has taken over his late father’s body.

Juvia discovers this while fighting Keyes, and she considers killing him. Because putting an end to Keyes’ life also puts an end to Silver’s. What she’s done weighs heavily on her, yet this doesn’t make sense. Juvia’s desire for forgiveness makes no sense because Silver’s body is no longer what it once was. We forgive you, Juvia, because it was an impossible position.

6. S Rank Mage is your current status.

Juvia is a S level mage who is a member of Phantom Lord’s guild and a member of the element 4. Juvia’s abilities are on full display when she battles Gray, but once she joins the Fairy Tail guild, she frequently assists Gray in his adventures.

With her stalker status, Juvia tagging along with Gray makes logical, but the status of her talents does not. In reality, she’s been chosen to take the S rank exam on Tenrou Island in Fairy Tail. This implies she’ll have to prove herself as a S level wizard all over again. What’s strange is that she was able to earn this level in the first place. That’s not to say she doesn’t have terrifying talents; it’s just that their effectiveness is greatly dependent on her emotional state, which screams danger in a life-or-death situation.

7. Gajeel and I are BFFs.

Juvia and Gajeel were both members of Phantom Lord’s guild before joining Fairy Tail after Makarov’s Fairy Law spell destroyed Phantom Lord’s guild. The fascinating element is that Juvia considers herself to be Gajeel’s closest friend.

Because of Gajeel’s gruff and tough exterior, this doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t let anyone get close to him until they’ve been through some difficult moments together, or if they’ve battered each other up, as in the case of him and Natsu. Juvia understands Gajeel’s desire to find his place in the world. Who knows what kind of hijinks Gajeel would be up to if he wasn’t pulled to Fairy Tail by Juvia.

8. Reference from a third party

Juvia refers to herself in the third person, which isn’t always intuitive. Is this something she’s developed as a result of her bleak past? Is it something that happened after that pain? It’s questionable, but it gives the impression that what happens to her is unrelated to her. It could also be a reference to her abilities in some ways: Water is both a part of herself and a separate entity. Juvia may believe she is a part of herself, but she is not, and neither is her magic.

9. She’s…Shy?!

Juvia Lockser is a shy water wizard, believe it or not. When she’s in the hot springs with her female guildmates, she’s cautious and blushes. Her lovely blush is accompanied with a towel cinched around her torso and a sideways gaze to prevent any direct stares.

Her companions, of course, refuse to let her be embarrassed any longer and drag her into the baths. It’s perplexing why Juvia is so reserved. She makes no attempt to disguise her feelings for Gray. Her body can shift totally into water as a water wizard, giving an outline of her form, but she seems unconcerned about this. Perhaps it’s an issue of principle for Juvia.

10. Self-Sacrificing

In the Fairy Tail guild, it’s only normal to give your life for a buddy. Each of the members would happily lay down their lives for the sake of their friend’s future. No, it’s not a prerequisite to join the guild, but it is the prevailing belief if the guild faces a formidable foe.

Juvia is more than willing to sacrifice her life for Gray’s sake. We’re not arguing this doesn’t make sense; we’re just saying Juvia’s value for her own life doesn’t. It makes you wonder how much Juvia values herself.

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