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Kayleigh Mcenany Jim Acosta



kayleigh mcenany jim acosta

In a viral tweet, CNN’s Jim Acosta was chastised for putting Kayleigh McEnany out of context

kayleigh mcenany jim acosta

Kayleigh mcenany jim acosta : Jim Acosta, CNN’s leading anti-Trump reporter, was chastised on social media for a tweet that misquoted White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

During Thursday’s briefing, McEnany reiterated President Trump’s strong desire for children to return to school in the fall, despite a raging discussion over how educators can stop the coronavirus outbreak from spreading.

“Science should not stand in the way of this, but as Dr. Scott Atlas put it, ‘Of course, we can do it.’

Everyone else in the Western world is doing it, even our peers. ‘We’re the odd man out here,’ says the narrator “According to McEnany, the former Stanford Medical Center neurology chief noted.

“On this, science is unequivocal. Consider the findings of a JAMA paediatric study including 46 paediatric institutions in North America, which found that the risk of critical illness from COVID is considerably lower in children than the seasonal flu. In this case, science is on our side.

Local governments and states are encouraged to simply follow the science. Open the doors to our schools, “she went on.

Acosta, on the other hand, retweeted McEnany’s remark, implying that she was anti-science.

“On Trump’s effort to reopen schools, the White House Press Secretary says, ‘The science should not stand in the way of this,'” the liberal reporter tweeted.

“McEnany went on to say ‘the science is on our side here,'” Acosta later added.

His first tweet, however, attracted 30,000 retweets, but his follow-up tweet, which gave much-needed context, earned only 700. Democratic politicians Rep.

Jerry Nadler and Rep. David Cicilline, as well as numerous of his CNN colleagues, were among those who reposted the out-of-context tweet.

The chief White House correspondent for CNN has received a lot of flak.

“This is classic material. Acosta receives over 20,000 retweets after tweeting half of a remark without context.

In McEnany’s original comment, “the science is on our side here,” there was plenty of chance to convey the whole context.

Waits 10 minutes before retweeting, and receives 450 RTs “Joe Concha, a media reporter for The Hill, penned an article.

“This isn’t a news storey. Instead of informing, it’s a dishonest piece that’s used to stoke resentment “Editor of the Daily Caller, Vince Coglianese, took to Twitter.

“How come you’re deceiving your fans?” Reagan Battalion had enquired.

Even Acosta’s colleague Jake Tapper joined in on the skewed statement, encouraging everyone to “read the ENTIRE McEnany response.”

“I’m not taking a side on this,” the CNN anchor wrote, “but be fair.”

The incomplete remark from the White House press secretary wasn’t shared by Acosta alone.

Her genuine support for the science was similarly removed by CBS White House journalist Weijia Jiang, NBC News reporter Josh Lederman, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.

The skewed reporting was slammed by McEnany.

McEnany wrote a paper titled “Case Study in Media Bias.” “‘The research on this is quite clear..

.the science is on our side here,’ I added. We encourage our municipalities and states to just follow science.

‘Let our schools be open.’ But leave it to the media to mislead you into thinking I was making the exact opposite message!”

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