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Kevin Samuels’ Ex-Wifes And Rumoured Girlfriends as ‘Love Guru’ Dies at 56



Kevin Samules Wife: His mother revealed that the controversial YouTuber has died. Samuels shared his lifestyle and relationship advice via the internet. After he claimed that women over 35 are “leftover”, if they’re not married, he caused outrage via social media.

Samuels gave the advice online but very little information about his private life. He tended to not share photos of his family online. Follow to get daily updates.

Who Is Kevin Samuels Wife? Who are his ex-wives?

Kevin Samules Wife

Kevin Samules Wife: Samuels told VLAD-TV he’s married twice. The first time he tied the knot was with his high school sweetheart. It lasted only one year. It is not known when Samuels married his first woman.


One kid was born to the couple, whose identity is unknown. Samuels divorced because he “married too soon.”

He stated, “We were high school sweethearts. Every relationship is not without its ups and downs.

“We were more comfortable as friends than as a couple. There was so much more going on inside.

“We had a wonderful relationship. Since fourth grade, we have known each other. Samuels revealed that he had tied the knot six to seven more years later. He revealed that there were no children in the relationship.


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