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Khaseen Morris Video Liveleak: Who Lay On The Pavement Outside



Khaseen Morris Video Liveleak

Khaseen Morris Video Liveleak: A group of around 50 teenagers stood by instead of aiding Khaseen Morris, 16, who lay on the pavement outside a Long Island strip mall with a fatal stab wound to his chest following a vicious battle, authorities said.

The brawl took place in Oceanside, New York, and was caught on camera and shared on social media. According to police, there were at least 50 teenagers present, either watching or engaging in the brawl, and no one came to Khaseen’s rescue.

Instead, many of them, according to authorities, videotaped Khaseen as he lay bleeding on the concrete and shared the videos on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Khaseen Morris Video Liveleak died in the hospital

Khaseen Morris Video Liveleak

Khaseen died in the hospital on Monday night as a result of his injuries. Next month would have been his 17th birthday.

Kids stood about and didn’t aid Khaseen because they were more interested in filming the occurrence. Instead of assisting him, they recorded his death “Detective Lt.

Stephen Fitzpatrick of the Nassau County Police Department said during a press conference. “While you’re standing there filming it, your pals are dying. That is horrible.”

Although no arrests have yet been made, authorities say that youths have come forward and identified numerous possible culprits.

People have spread the name and photo of a teen suspected of being engaged in the stabbing on social media, but authorities have not confirmed it.

Keyanna Morris, Khaseen’s 30-year-old sister, told BuzzFeed News that her brother enjoyed skating, music, tie-dye clothing, and drawing anime. In a family of four very close siblings, he was the “baby.”

Keyanna Morris remarked, “Khaseen was liked by everyone and literally loved everyone.” “He always claimed that he would make the world a better place.

He wished for the world to be a far better place than it was. He loved people of all colours, whether they were black, white, Hispanic, gay, or straight.”

Khaseen was looking forward to a new start at a new school, according to Keyanna Morris, whose family had recently moved to the area. He gained a lot of friends in just ten days at Oceanside High School, she claimed.

“On his first day, he was beaming from ear to ear,” she claimed. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been in so long,” he told my mother.

According to authorities, the brawl began over a girl who was not present at the time.

According to Keyanna Morris, Khaseen had walked a female home from a party the previous weekend so she wouldn’t have to walk alone at night. After dropping her off, he skateboarded home.

According to Keyanna Morris, the girl’s enraged ex-boyfriend had been harassing Khaseen and threatening to attack him.

Keyanna Morris remarked, “Khaseen was just so quiet.” “At that time, he was just saying that if someone is going to fight me, I’m going to defend myself, but I’m not going to force a battle.”

“However, I don’t believe any of those kids expected somebody to carry a firearm,” she added.

Keyanna Morris said she and her siblings have always said they don’t know how to live without each other, and the prospect of having to do it without Khaseen is excruciating.

She explained, “It’s always been the four of us.” “It’s also been difficult for my mother and father. They had miscarried their child.”

Keyanna Morris said it has been extremely heartbreaking to see the video of the battle that killed her brother circulate online, and that her coworkers and local community have been reporting them so they can be taken down anytime they resurface.

All I want is for it to stay down, she stated.

According to the superintendent, Oceanside High School is providing grief counsellors to help students and faculty cope with the loss.

Despite the fact that he had only been at the school for two weeks, Keyanna Morris said many people have told her family how much of an impact he had.

“Everyone told me how much he impacted the school by being so upbeat – no one could be sad or depressed around him,” she said.

Administrators at the school have also contacted the family, telling them how deeply the death has affected the student body, she said.

“These students have expressed a desire to change, and they have stated that they want to put their phones down and truly contribute,” Morris added. “I suppose they realise now that if they had put their phones down, Khaseen would have made it.”

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