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Kim Myung-Min: Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Movies & Net Worth



Kim Myung Min

Kim Myung-min is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading roles in the television series Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin, White Tower, Beethoven Virus, Six Flying Dragons, and Law School, as well as the films Closer to Heaven and the Detective K film series. His first leading role was in the film, Sorum.

Kim Myung-Min Bio & Age

Kim Myung Min

The actor Kim Myung-Min was born 8 October 1972. He began acting in 1996 when he took home the sixth audition for public talent of SBS. He has appeared on numerous TV shows as a support part. When he was just 24, he


was in the horror film Sorum. He has won numerous awards and recognitions for his acting skills and commitment to the business. He has been known for his performance in various different roles in his life. He is known for his commitment to his profession.

While Kim Myung-min’s birth year was the year 1972 His personal life does not stop at acting. He studied conducting in orchestras before he began his acting career. In addition, he has two children with various relationships. His bio

will show his age. We take a closer glance at his life and work. Here are some interesting details about Kim Myung-min. If you’re in search of an account of her life, you’ll get it right here.


Kim Myung-Min Height

Below are the fundamental measurements of Kim Myung-Min’s weight and height. The actor hails from South Korea and is most famous for his roles in television and film shows. His weight and height are typical for actors from the

country. South Korean actor, but they can differ greatly based on the source from which information is gathered. Here are a few more statistics that you may find helpful. This information must be used with caution. This information is not meant to be considered medical advice.

He was born and raised in Seoul. of Seoul and went to Seoul National University. Seoul National University. The average height of someone who is his size the 157-centimeter mark. Kim Myung Min’s weight ranges from the


76-82kg range. Kim Myung-min has an estimated Net worth that is USD one million dollars. The actor is a multifaceted spectrum of interests. He is engaged in a variety of activities. Although his weight fluctuates, his height can serve as a benchmark for fans.

Kim Myung-Min Wife

While many Korean stars live off their monthly allowances Kim Myung-Min is a different story. She has one prior relationship. in 2001 Kim got married to Kyung-mi Lee and the couple has one son. Kim has two daughters with

his partner. However, the details of these relationships remain a mystery. Yet, despite the rumors or speculations Kim Myung-min has not been back. The past has seen he’s had relationships with well-known Korean stars, including Han Hyun-joo.


Apart from her character as Kim Myung Min’s wife, Kim Hyun-joo playing a character in the drama that is set to air. Kim Hyun Joo will play the mother of an ophthalmologist. She has two kids, and her character has unspoken sadness

. In the film, Kim Myung-min is playing a character who is a mix of toughness and a bubbly personality. In the drama Kim Myung-min is also set to be a part of the show “Bach” by Kang Ma-eun.

Kim Myung-Min Movies

One of the most famous Korean actor is Kim Myung-Min. This South Korean actor rose to fame after playing the title role of a period drama. Kim Myung-min was named the best actor in 2005 during the KBS Acting Awards. His stage


work has also earned him a number of awards, including the title of Best Actor. His well-known acting talents have earned him roles in television shows, films as well as music videos.

In addition to acting in films Kim Myung-min also produced, directed, and written numerous television shows. In addition to his acting work Kim Myung-min has also directed and produced TV shows, and has appeared in

numerous other productions. Here are a few films that feature Kim Myung-min. Go through his FlixList to find out which films are on Netflix. He has a huge list of films to enjoy.


Kim Myung-Min Net Worth

Kim Myung-Min is an acclaimed TV actor who is now 46 years old. The actor was raised from South Korea, he started his acting career at a young age. He won an acting competition and appeared on the television program Look Back

in Anger. He also appeared on the horror film Sorum. The estimated net worth of Kim is at 10 millions US dollars. Find out the details of Kim’s net worth and career and family life.

Kim Myung Min is an South Korean actor. He is famous for his role as the main character on his role in the KBS program Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin for which he received the Blue Dragon and Grand Bell awards. In a later show


the actor played Doctor for White Tower, an MBC Series White Tower, and he also took home an award in the SBS contest for acting. His acting career started with parts as a character in dramatics Look at the back of Anger and KAIST as well as his debut film appearance in the horror film Sorum.

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