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Kittenish Nashville, Jessie James Decker Partnership



Kittenish Nashville

Kittenish Nashville: Jessie James Decker is expanding her Kittenish fashion empire, and she’s doing so in purple.

This summer in Florida, the “Roots and Wings” singer will open her second brick-and-mortar store for the clothes and accessories brand. In February, the first store debuted in Nashville.

Decker told Page Six Style at the launch party for Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions on Wednesday night, “I have a beach home there, so it’s just a wonderful opportunity for me to keep an eye on it since I’ll be there and I’m very, very hands-on with my business.”

“I’m aware of every aspect of what’s going on.” Probably a bit excessive! But I adore it, and I believe that is what makes it Kittenish. It’s got my stamp all over it, and I try to be as loyal to myself as possible since my followers are wise and know who I am.”

The Smithsonian has received Constance Wu’s Marchesa gown from the film “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Kittenish Nashville

Decker, 31, was inspired to establish the company nearly five years ago while travelling. She claims she has always wanted to launch her own fashion business and began drawing and designing while still in school. “Man, I want to produce clothing that make them feel good because these clothes make them feel confident and make them feel good about themselves,” she thought to herself after seeing other females copying her attire.

Now that she’s back on tour, she’s experimenting with her style

She told us, “I prefer to wear shorts and small booties, and bodysuits are definitely my favourite.” “Or a crop top,” she says. Because it can get quite warm on stage. And now is the time to let your hair down a little bit more. I’ve been sporting tassels and sequins, as well as something a little more daring than my usual mom sweats.”

However, her upcoming fall collection will have a variety of pieces.

Cheetah and leopard prints have made a major resurgence,” she teased, “but Kittenish has always been cheetah print.” “We’ve always had that as our logo. I’m really enjoying how much of that has returned. I’m a sucker for neons, but expect to see purple coming fall. Purple is going to be really popular.”

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