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Kristin Herrera: Bio, Age, Height, Partner & Net Worth



Kristin Herrera

Kristin Lisa Herrera is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Dana Cruz on the first season of the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 and as Lourdes Del Torro on General Hospital. If you want to know more about her read this article.

Kristin Herrera Bio & Age

Kristin Herrera

Kristin Herrera is an acclaimed American actor. Her birth date was the 21st of February, 1989 on the city of Los Angeles. The date of her birth is on a Tuesday.


So, she’ll turn 34 in 22 days. She is 5’4″ that is 1.63 metres tall. Her height is impressive for someone very short. In addition to being a performer, Kristin Herrera also enjoys other sports such as snowboarding, surfing and B-ball.

Her birth date was February 21, 1989 and her height is not known. The name of her father is not known. She attended Hillcrest Christian School.

Her first professional career was on television. She played on the soap Opera General Hospital. In addition , she acted.


Herrera was a character on The American television comedy Freedom Writers alongside Hilary Swank. Presently, Kristin is a busy woman with a packed schedule.

Kristin Herrera Height

Kristin Herrera was born 21 February 1989 located in Los Angeles, California. She is stunning, talented and skilled actress. She portrays the role of Lourdes Del Torro in General Hospital, an ABC show General Hospital.

She also appeared as Gloria for the movie Freedom Writers, opposite Hilary Swank. Kristin Herrera’s height stands at 5 ft. 11 inches.


Actress Kristin Herrera was born 21 February 1989 at Los Angeles, California, USA. Her parents are American citizen and is of an ethnic group of Latin American ethnicity.

She was a student at Hillcrest Christian School and has two older brothers as well as one sister. She began acting at the at the age of 6.

She was a guest actor in several television series which included the popular show General Hospital. Her weight and height are impressive given her numerous roles.


Kristin Herrera Net Worth

Kristin Herrera’s net worth is $124 Million. Her birthplace was from Los Angeles, California, USA, Kristin Herrera started her acting career in the age group of 6.

Her first appearance on television was in the commercial for a telephone company. Herrera has appeared in a variety of shows that include ER, Without a Trace along with 7th Heaven.

She was also a part of several films, including Freedom Writers, in which she co-starred with Hilary Swank and in which she was Dana Cruz.


Kristin Herrera Partner

On July 15th, 2016, Kristin Herrera announced that she was engaged with her co-star Daniel Novak. The couple announced they had been engaged on the 15th of July and expect to have a baby on February 14, 2020. The couple is expected to get together for a reunion on All That in 2020.

They were previously in a relationship for several years. In July of 2016 they announced that they had been engaged. They were planning to marry shortly thereafter. Their relationship broke up prior to the wedding date being set.

There was a time when Kristin Herrera is engaged to three different men. She was a lover of Daniel Novok in 2016, and she was also seen with Sean Flynn on Zoey 101. The two men did not reveal their identities.


The couple’s relationship ended with an end in 2017 but they revived it in the year 2020. The actress is having her first son. If there’s a man within Kristin Herrera’s circle, it could be the same man that proposed to her in Zoey 101.

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