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10 Best Facts About Kyoya Otori Most Fans Don’t Know ( Ouran Series )



Otori Most

The “Shadow King” of the Kyoya Ouran High School Host Club is a prominent character in both the manga and anime—not bad for someone who was nearly wiped out totally.

Despite the fact that Tamaki is regarded as the ‘king’ of the Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi (and the viewers) are well aware that the genuine king— nicknamed the Shadow King by the others— is none other than Kyoya Otori.

He possesses the level-headed knowledge required to prevent Tamaki’s well-intentioned, but frequently mistaken initiatives from spiralling out of control. He’s also the member who makes the club possible in the first place, as he handles all of the finances and guarantees that the group can find ways to raise the funds it need, something Tamaki lacks.

10 Best Facts About Kyoya Otori Most Fans Don’t Know

Otori Most

Because of his family heritage, he is not only extraordinarily clever, but he also has the cunning and business sense to back it up. Being the youngest of a long line of highly successful brothers, there’s a lot of pressure on him to not only match, but even exceed, their achievements. By the end of the series, he’s able to put his father’s opinion aside and accept that he enjoys his role in the Club, despite the fact that it doesn’t provide him with familial recognition.

1. He and Tamaki both benefit from each other.

It’s difficult to tell what Tamaki offers to his and Kyoya’s cooperation as co-founders of the Host Club at first glance. After all, Kyoya is frequently the one who needs to rein Tamaki in, and the club wouldn’t be able to function without his extensive financial knowledge.

Tamaki, on the other hand, makes an equal contribution, albeit in a different way. While Kyoya helps keep the club functioning and Tamaki in control, it was Tamaki who broke Kyoya’s youngest-sibling chains and helped him mature into a more humanitarian person.

2. His Attitude Towards Difficulties As “Games”

Despite the fact that Kyoya is a triple threat—wealthy, educated, and immensely charming—he doesn’t have a big path in life mapped out for him. He must strive harder than anybody else to be recognised as the illustrious Otori family’s youngest sibling, as he must not only match, but also surpass, his elder brothers’ achievements.

This, however, does not deter him, at least not after Tamaki assists him in clearing his mind. Instead, he prefers to face obstacles full on, treating them as a game in which he revels in calculating how he will triumph.

3. He Suffers From Hypotension

Kyoya is shown to be an exceedingly late— and irritable— riser in the mall trip episode, and it’s easy to blame this on all the nights when he’s up until late. However, a little-known fact about him is that he suffers from hypotension, or low blood pressure, which is why getting out of bed in the morning is so tough for him.

It can produce great exhaustion as well as unconsciousness, as seen by Tamaki and the others’ ability to not only dress but also drag an unconscious Kyoya all the way to the mall and then drop him on a bench without him ever waking up.

4. Both he and Tamaki have golden hearts.

At first appearance, Kyoya and Tamaki appear to be diametrically opposed. Tamaki is extremely sympathetic and emotional, interjecting himself into everyone’s difficulties in the hopes of assisting them. Kyoya, on the other hand, can appear cold and uninterested unless the circumstance benefits him directly.

However, this isn’t totally accurate, and the similarities between the two are even more apparent during a second viewing. The Shadow King smiles and goes along with Tamaki’s intentions, no matter who he wishes to aid or how ridiculous they may seem.

He’s also been seen saving an elderly woman from being conned, and while he made up a narrative about how it was only because their firms had done business together, Haruhi was quick to refute this and point out that he’s actually rather nice.

5. He’s on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and his personality reflects this.

Kyoya was born on November 22nd, which puts him on the cusp of both Scorpio and Sagittarius. Upon deeper analysis, the features of these two signs completely sum up almost all of his character traits.

He embodies the Scorpio characteristics of tenacity, boldness, loyalty, ambition, and secrecy. Meanwhile, his intellectual capacity, independence, wit, competitive drive, and tendency to be ruthlessly honest show his Sagittarius side.

6. Lavender is the colour of his rose.

Each member of the Host Club is allotted a certain hue of rose, and each has its own meaning that is tailored to their personalities rather than being purely ornamental. Lavender is a Japanese colour that represents luxury and prosperity, two qualities that are perfectly suited to the astute money manager.

It now represents enchantment and love at first sight in Western society, which may not seem appropriate at first. While at the club, he managed to maintain a cool and alluring approach, and Renge fell in love with him only by looking at his photo.

7. Tamaki and his sister are actually close friends.

Only during Kyoya’s flashbacks from when he first met Tamaki and was irritated by his excessive personality may viewers who only saw the anime see Kyoya’s sister. However, in the manga, the two have a good bond, and she and he share a shared interest in the fact that they both adore commoner’s food.

The two of them embark on a tour of commoner’s cuisine, and it’s lovely that the daughter of such a prestigious and serious family would appreciate such an activity.

8. He has three bodyguards assigned to him to ensure his safety.

The secret police force that guards Kyoya and reports to him is only seen a few times in the anime, and it is always a big bunch of unknown characters. When he’s off campus, though, three specific persons are assigned with protecting his life in the manga.

Seizaburo, Aijima, and Hotta, three middle-aged men tasked with ensuring Kyoya’s safety, are Seizaburo, Aijima, and Hotta. It’s a little scary to think about how much power and information the Otori family has if they have to protect him so vehemently.

9. He Almost Didn’t Appear In The Series

It’s difficult to imagine what the series would be like if Kyoya wasn’t there to balance out Tamaki and ensure the club’s strong financial position. However, for the series, this was almost a reality.

Bisco Hatori has claimed that if the manga’s first chapter had been trimmed by 10 pages, Kyoya would most likely not have existed at all. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a series without him as the club’s nicknamed ‘Shadow King,’ as he is one of the most beloved characters with some of the most memorable scenes from the whole series.

10. He and Kaoru are good friends in real life, but not in the anime.

One of the key reasons why fans are still clamouring for a second season after all these years is that the animation for the series doesn’t exactly follow the whole manga plotline. Kyoya and Kaoru don’t really have personal conversations with one another in the anime, but they do so multiple times in the manga.

Kyoya is the guy Kaoru turns to when he’s conflicted about his blossoming romantic interest in Haruhi. When Kyoya is attempting to locate Tamaki’s mother near the end of the manga, it is Kyoya to whom he rants and reveals his feelings—feelings that are normally kept and fully hidden from others.

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