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Labcorp Near Me, Center Research And Development Services Industry



Labcorp Near Me

LabCorp Near Me is a part of the Scientific Research and Development Services Industry and is based in Mechelen, ANTWERP, Belgium.

This site employs 70 people and generates $29.56 million in revenue (USD). The LabCorp corporate family consists of 2,477 companies.

Labcorp Near Me Research Center Overview

Labcorp Near Me

Labcorp Near Me Center About

  • Address: Zandvoortstraat 2 2800, Mechelen, ANTWERP Belgium
  • Phone: +32-15787000
  • Website: Official Website
  • Employee (this site): 70
  • Revenue: $29.56 million
  •  Fiscal Year End: DEC
  • Year Started: 1999
  • Incorporated: 2021

Labcorp Near Me Center Social Media Profile

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the location of LabCorp’s headquarters?

Zandvoortstraat 2 2800, Mechelen, ANTWERP Belgium is where LabCorp’s headquarters are located.

Q. What is the industry in which LabCorp operates?

LabCorp works in the Scientific Research and Development Services industry.

Q. What is the phone number for LabCorp?

The phone number for LabCorp is +32-15787000.

Q. What is LabCorp’s website? is LabCorp’s website.

Q. Who is the most important person at LabCorp?

Sandra Van der Vaart is the founder and CEO of LabCorp.

Q. When did LabCorp get started?

In 1999, LabCorp was founded.

Q. What year did LabCorp get its start?

LabCorp was founded in 2021.

Q. How much money does LabCorp make?

The revenue of LabCorp is $29.56 million.

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