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Lady Dimitrescu Daughters: Age, Education And How to Kidnapped



Lady Dimitrescu Daughters

Lady Dimitrescu Daughters was Countess Alcina Dimitrescu and a chimric mutant human born from the Cadou research project. She lived with the rest of her family in Castle Dimitrescu, including her adoptive sisters Bela and Cassandra. Daniela was the youngest of the three daughters, and she was known to be the most crazy. Ethan Winters killed her during an attack on the castle.

Biography of lady dimitrescu daughters

Lady Dimitrescu Daughters

Daniela Dimitrescu was probably born in the 1930s or 1940s and may have served as a maid at Castle Dimitrescu. She was the subject of a Cadou parasite experiment sometime around or before 1958. The parasite’s imitation blowflies devoured all of her human cells, which then assimilated her DNA and converted into imitation human cells. D

aniela and the other successful test subjects had no recollection of their lives before the experiment, and were adopted as Countess Dimitrescu’s daughters by the Dimitrescu family.

Daniela, like the others, lived off human flesh, and maids were transported to the basement for minor infractions and brutally butchered and drained of blood. [4] Mother Miranda gave orders to prepare for a significant occasion in 2021, and this practise persisted. The servants who remained were then slain.

Ethan Winters came into Castle Dimitrescu on February 9, 2021, looking for his daughter, Rose, who had been kidnapped for the ceremony. Daniela and her sisters apprehended him and handed him before the Countess, who refused to allow them to eat him unless Mother Miranda gave her permission.

Winters fled imprisonment and was ambushed in the Library while waiting for approval. During the fight, the Library’s skylight was opened, exposing her to the same cold that had rendered her sister, Bela, unconscious. Winters rapidly debilitated her, and her body crystallized and disintegrated, leaving only her crystalized remains.

Biology of Lady Dimitrescu Daughters

Like that of her other sisters, Daniela’s DNA was made up of human and blowfly genes, and she was capable of expressing these genes as needed, switching between a person and a swarm of flies. She was able to resist gunshot wounds and other physical attacks and stalk prey because of her ability to change forms.

However, the imitation DNA left them vulnerable to low temperatures, forcing them to enter cryobiosis, with temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F) stopping metabolism. This was a known health concern because it exposed them to attacks, thus the sisters rarely, if ever, left the castle.


Daniela is mostly found in the castle’s Library, where she has the same talents as her sisters. When she gets too close to Ethan, she can cause long-term damage from the swarm she a part of, and she can lunge at his neck and bite him. She can’t be hurt unless Ethan opens the skylight, which exposes her to the cold, which badly weakens her. She can’t morph into the swarm, so she resorts to killing Ethan with her sickle weapon in a rage; however, Ethan’s weaponry may damage her just like any other enemy.

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