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Landon Clifford: About The Death Of Her Husband



Landon Clifford

Landon Clifford: Camryn Clifford opens up about the death of her husband, Landon Clifford, in a new video on her YouTube channel, admitting that the 19-year-old YouTuber committed suicide.

The reason of death was first given as a brain injury, but many fans and followers were interested in learning more about the accident that resulted in the injury and following weeklong coma.

Camryn shared an emotional video about his death on her YouTube channel, prefacing it with a trigger warning for anyone who is sensitive to topics of mental health or suicide.

Landon Clifford About The Death Of Her Husband

Landon Clifford

“It’s a really important narrative to tell, and it’s my obligation to tell it,” she said, “but it’s not an easy tale to tell.”

She explained, “He’s had mental health concerns for as long as I’ve known him.”

Anxiety and depression plagued him. He has ADHD and has had it since he was a child, so he’s always suffered with his emotions and the way his brain was built.”

Camryn went on to say that Landon became depressed after she became pregnant with their second daughter, Delilah.

Camryn noticed something was awry on Aug. 13 when Landon began to apologise to her for everything they had gone through.

She discovered him unresponsive in their garage later that night. After a few days in a coma in the hospital, doctors declared him brain dead on Aug. 18.

“He always placed others above himself,” she remarked, referring to the fact that he was an organ donor. He cared about people even in death.

Collette Briar Clifford, 2, and Delilah Rose Clifford, who was born in May, are the couple’s two children, who were married on June 22, 2019.

Their “Cam & Fam” channel has over 1.3 million subscribers, and the majority of their YouTube video focuses on recording their lives as a family.

Camryn mentioned in her video on Thursday that she noticed during his hospital stay that he was declared brain dead at 2:22 and was staying in room 22, the same number as their wedding anniversary.

“So that number kept popping up, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but it just felt like a sign,” she says.

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