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Larry King Children: Chaia King Had Died Just Weeks Apart



Larry King Children

Larry King Children: The television host, recently disclosed the tragic death of his two children, Andy and Chaia King. Find out more about Larry King’s kids.

Larry King, an American television star, recently shared the devastating news that his two children had died. On August 22, Larry King announced on Instagram that his son Andy King and daughter Chaia King had died just weeks apart.

Andy King, 65, died of an unexpected heart attack on July 28th, according to the 86-year-old veteran television broadcaster. He also revealed that his daughter Chaia King, 51, died of lung cancer shortly after being diagnosed. “Both of them were good and loving beings and they will be deeply missed,” Larry King said of his children’s death.

Larry King is the father of how many children?

Larry King has five children from his eight marriages, according to an article in USA Today. Larry married his college girlfriend Freda Miller while he was only 19 years old, between 1952 and 1953. Unfortunately, their marriage was annulled by their respective families since they were too young to handle the responsibilities of marriage.

In 1961, the TV host married Annette Kaye, but the pair split after only a few months of marriage. King, on the other hand, astonished his followers in 2009 when he disclosed that he and Annette Kaye had a kid. On his CNN show Larry King Life, he revealed his son Larry King Jr. to the world. Larry King Jr. was born in 1961, he said.

Larry King formally adopted Alene Akins’ son Andy when he married her in 1961. Between 1961 and 1963, the pair was married for two years. Larry King married Mickey Sutphin after parting ways with Akins, and the couple stayed together for four years.

Larry’s marriage to Sutphin ended in 1967, and in 1969, he married Alene Akins again. The couple stayed together for five years this time and had a daughter named Chaia King. Larry was married to two more women, Sharon Lepore and Julie Alexander, after his second marriage with Akins ended.

Following his divorce from Julie Alexander in 1992, he married actor Shawn King in 1997. Chance, 21, and Cannon, 20, are the television host’s sons with the actor. However, the couple divorced in 2019 after 22 years of marriage, with Larry King filing for divorce.

What happened to Larry King’s children?

Chance King, Larry King’s youngest son, graduated from high school and is currently employed in North Carolina. Cannon King, Shawn and Larry’s son, is a college baseball player. The whereabouts of Larry King Jr., Larry’s oldest son, are unknown.

Larry and Chaia, a father-daughter team, co-wrote Daddy Day, Daughter Day in 1997. The book was an illustrated children’s book in which the two discussed King’s second divorce from Akins.

They also provided suggestions for how spending quality time together might help a family heal from the trauma of a divorce.

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