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Leo Terrell – When did Leo Terrell Leave the Democratic Party



leo terrell

Leo terrell : “There are tens of thousands of African-American lawyers.” “This is disrespectful and insulting,” the Fox News contributor stated. “I’m a black person.” I’m a lawyer with 30 years of experience, and here’s the bit that’s so offensive.

‘Someone ought to tell Joe Biden he’s a racist,’ says Leo Terrell.

leo terrellPresident Joe Biden angered African Americans, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell claimed Wednesday, when he told a crowd commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre that black businessmen and women don’t have lawyers to protect them or their businesses.

“Look at me, Joe Biden!” I’m a black person. “I’m a lawyer,” Terrell shouted angrily on “Hannity.”

It makes the discriminatory notion that Black people solely consult Black lawyers. I have clients who are Black, White, and Yellow…this guy pulls the racial card. Someone needs to inform him that he is a racist.”

“The data suggests young Black entrepreneurs are just as capable of flourishing given the chance as White entrepreneurs,” Biden stated during his remarks on Tuesday.

“However, they don’t have lawyers,” Biden asserted. They don’t have accountants, but they have a lot of fantastic ideas.”

Terell yelled over the air, “Breaking news, I’m Black!” “I’m a lawyer,” she says. “I’m a black person.”

Terell continued, “He’s insane.” “Someone should inform Joe Biden that he is a racist.”

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