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Li Qin: Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows



Li Qin

Li Qin, also known as Sweet Li, is a Chinese actress. Li is noted for her roles in The Dream of Red Mansions, The Founding of a Party, White Deer Plain, Princess Agents, Joy of Life, Jade Dynasty, The Captain, The Song of Glory, The Wolf, Warm Hug, My Dear Guardian, and Tears in Heaven.

Li Qin Bio & Age

Li Qin

Li was born on September 27, 1990 in Bacheng Town of Kunshan city, Jiangsu province. Li started studying Chinese traditional opera in Shipai Central School at the age of 11 and trained in Wuxi, Shaoxing, and Kunqu operas.


Li Qin graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2008 with a major in Chinese traditional opera. Age of Li Qin is a very popular topic in Chinese television and film.

The rise of the star in the mid-2020s was partly due to her role in the 2010 Chinese television drama “The Dream of Red Mansions.” Li Qin was awarded the Best New Actress award at the 2010 TVS Awards ceremony.

Her weight is also unknown, but she is noted for her roles in the films Princess Agents and White Deer Plain.


Li Qin Height

Whether you call her sweet Li Qin, you know the Chinese actress stands at an impressive 7 feet tall. Her height is an important aspect to consider when determining how tall she is.

She is also known as Li Qin, Sweet Li, or the Little Tiger. But what exactly is her height? How tall is Li Qin, and is she really a Chinese princess? Read on to discover the answer to these questions.

Li Qin height is a popular topic among fans, as it is one of the most relevant aspects about her. Her height, age, and weight are a good place to start when comparing her to other celebrities.


Regardless of how tall Li Qin is, you should be able to find out more about her by reading this wiki. This information will give you an accurate picture of the actress’ height. You can also check out her wiki to find out more about her personality and past relationships.

Li Qin Movies & TV Shows

Are you a fan of Li Qin, also known as Sweet, Li, or the Dragon Princess? If so, you can find many TV and movie adaptations of her story. You can also learn more about her life and character in our guide to Li Qin movies.

Listed below are a few of the best movies and TV shows featuring this Chinese princess. We hope you enjoy watching them. If you want to learn more about her, read on.


To start, Netflix offers many of the movies and TV shows featuring Li Qin. You can also search for specific actors or directors, or look for lists of the best films. You can also search for movies or television shows starring Li Qin, such as her most recent project, Princess Agents.

If you prefer watching TV shows rather than movies, Hulu is another excellent option. There are more than 5,000 TV shows and movies available to stream on Netflix, so you can be sure to find a Li Qin movie that interests you.

Li Qin Net Worth

Li Qin’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 to $5 million. You may be wondering how much money Li Qin has. Well, there is no official way to find out, but she’s an extremely successful TV Actress. She was born on September 27, 1989, in Suzhou, China, and she’s already making quite a name for herself in China and overseas.


There are several sources of her income online. Let’s look at some of them. To start, Li Qin is a founder of two successful companies in China: NIO, Inc. (China) and Shanghai Cyreddy New Energy Vehicle Automobile Co. Ltd.

Before, she was a Deputy General Manager of Anhui Chery Automobile Sales & Service Co., a Project Manager at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants LLC, an Executive Director of Longfor Group Holdings Ltd., and a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble (Guang

Li Qin has a very popular Instagram account. She has 162k followers and 67 posts. This proves that Li Qin has a decent net worth for someone who’s relatively new in the industry.


Li Qin’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 to $5 million. With such a high net worth, she is certainly one of the most sought-after stars in China. The wealth she has accumulated is impressive, and she continues to build her fame as an actress.

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